5 Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

Buying a gift for someone is very tiring, especially when that someone is a woman.

The situation becomes even worse when she does not want anything because that means she wants something special.

You have to find something that goes with her day, and she doesn’t have anything identical to it. Thanks, to online shops, now there are many options that you can try.

However, it not at all as simple as it seems, so it’s best that you go with something that is unique like the 5 products listed below.

Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

V- White’s electric brush is an all-rounder oral health solution. It comes with a U-shaped head with approximately 760 bristles for 360 cleaning.

The electric brush produces a vibration of 5000-15000Hz per minutes that is more than enough to remove plaque and strain from every part of the teeth.

The gadget uses a 3.7 volts rechargeable battery and supports wireless charging. It also has auto cut technology that shut it off after the battery is full.  The device is compatible with every power source that produces a direct current of 5 volts.

Further, it has four modes to suit different conditions and requirements. The first three modes, daily clean, deep clean, and gum care last up to 30 seconds while the last style, Nano-blue whitening, takes 15 minutes.

The device can last up to 1 week with a single charge and is very convenient to use while traveling.


  • Use food grade silicone and abs material
  • Available in black and white colors
  • Work for days with just 30 minutes of charging
  • 3D Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Waterproof

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Ruggie Alarm Clock

Ruggie Alarm clock is the best product that you can gift to anyone.

The clock is designed to make sure that you never wake up late. It has a pressure pad that needs you to place pressure for at least 3 seconds before it turns off the alarm. The gadget has a system that produces sounds of 290 to 120 decimals, way louder than your smartphone can ever do.

Moreover, this clock wakes you with a personalized mp3 playlist that you can upload with a dedicated USB port.

The device uses a rubber based anti-slip bottom layer that is ideal for any surface. Further, it is covered with incredibly soft fleece hugging that is entirely hand-made and eliminates the discomfort of cold morning floor.


  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries
  • Comes with a USB cord
  • Setting to prolong pressure time up to 30 seconds
  • Free software for uploading mp3

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Guard Dog Hornet Stun Gun

Guard dog hornet is a very convenient product for daily safety. This compact stun gun is an excellent gift for anyone you love.

It is 0.5 inches in thickness, 4 inches in height and weight only 2-ounces. It looks like a small key-chain torch but don’t let its size fool you, its zap output is way higher then you can imagine. It features 6 million volts of 3.6 milliamps current that is enough to knock off anyone.  The gun also produces a loud zapping noise while deploying the shock.

Additionally, it comes with a built-in flashlight, with 3-very powerful LEDs that can illuminate the darkest corner with ease. Moreover, hornet uses a concealed technology, and the probes are not visible until they are fired. It also has a safety button that prevents surprised shock during regular days.


  • Lifetime warranty by Watch Dogs
  • Attached with keychain
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in plug for recharging

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InstaShiatsu Foot Massager

Foot massagers are a blessing for every woman, and there is no way that she doesn’t like to have one for her.

InstaShiatsu foot massager is compact and easy to use. Its unique design compliments most foot shapes for comfort and offers professional massage experience.  The massager has a very ergonomical design which includes rollers and air pockets for better relaxation and pain relief. Moreover, it includes sleeves that provide relaxing massage to calves using air compression.

The device is ideal for every need of yours; it has modes for shiatsu, air compression massage, heated massage, and leg massage. Further, the gadget is very easy to use with its dedicated buttons. It has buttons for power, heat, massage modes, air pressure, and intensity, sitting right on the top strip.


  • Three intensity modes
  • Comes with AC adapter
  • Fits for feet size of up to 12
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • Multiple massage modes

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Ember Travel Mug

Ember’s temperature controlling mug is an excellent gift for everyone in the World. You can fill it with tea, coffee or any other hot beverage and it will make sure that each sip has the same temperature.

The mug offers a 360 degrees leak-proof lid along with a push button to open it when needed.  Moreover, it eliminates the complicated button and uses a rotating dial at the bottom, to adjust the temperature.

The mug also has a dedicated app that lets you control temperature right from your smart device. You can also use this app to name the cup, create presets and manage notifications.

Further, the device comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to two hours in a single charge for a temperature of 54 degrees.


  • Available in white and black colors
  • Comes with charging coaster
  • Supports both, Celsius and Fahrenheit system
  • 12-ounce capacity

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Whether it your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or friend, she will have a special place in your life.

Women are complicated but our world revolves around them, and hence it is crucial that you keep them happy. It is essential that you gift her something that amazes her and fills her mind with love and emotions.

These products are high tech, and there is no chance that she will ever expect any of these in her gift box. Moreover, these products are mainly for a healthy and organized life. Isn’t that what we all want for the women we love?