5 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon Under $25

In recent years online shopping sites have become a vital part of our life. The online sites like Amazon have millions of products and dealer supplying products that you couldn’t even imagine.

The site is selling everything from an ordinary bar magnet to high-end products by international brands. They even sell expensive products like iPhone, smart TV, gaming laptops and a lot more.

However, not every good product on this site is expensive. There are many items on it that offer advanced features just in a few dollars. Check out this list of 5 exciting product that you can buy from Amazon in less than $25.

Infinity Cube 

If you are looking for a time-killer, this cube is just the thing for you.

The cube is composed of eight, tough, BPS free, ABS plastic material pieces, which are linked together with metallic rivets. Its connecting rivets are made of high-quality stainless steel that can sustain frequent turning and flipping of different parts. Further, the links are covered with a classier that compliments the smooth chamfered edges of the infinity cube.

It meets and exceeds the ASTM International Toy Safety standards, which ensure that the toy is safe and non-toxic.

The small piece of equipment is easy to carry in a pocket, and you can use it wherever you want. Its smooth finish makes it very easy to handle even for prolonged periods.

It keeps your mind and hands busy, reducing stress and anxiety levels of your body. The toy is also a great defense against smartphone addiction.


  • Noiseless
  • Improves finger flexibility
  • Never ending game
  • Improve hand sensitivity and movement
  • Relieve hyperactivity, restlessness, and agitation

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Nonda Zus USB Cable

The latest, high-performance devices ask for a cord of same quality and speed.

The ZUS USB cable is a rugged quality data cable that can charge most of the latest devices and transfer high amount data from Micro USB to USB type-A. It is 48 inch in length and entirely tangle-free.

It has four coatings that protect the inner core of the cable. The upper-most layer is made of braided nylon that makes it sturdy and provides resistance against physical damage.

It then has a layer of flexible PVC, and two layers of EMI grounding mesh, which altogether makes sure that the cable doesn’t get affected by external heat and water.

The inner core of the USB cable consists of ceramically coated fiber wires protected by military grade aramid fiber.

This Kevlar cable comes with a lifetime warranty; you can always get a replacement if it breaks from normal wear and tears.


  • High resistance against normal wear and tear
  • Ten times longer lifespan
  • Super compatible
  • Kevlar cables

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Bondic – Liquid Plastic Welder

Many products break every day, and this adhesive can help you repair most of them with ease.

It consists of a tube-like structure with a nozzle to spread the bonding compound and a UV torch that activates it.  The glue is entirely toxic free, and you can use it in any field of work. It is suitable for plastic, wood, metal, ceramics, figurine, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, rubber and leather.

Further, once you have applied the formula and cured it with UV rays, it forms a solid bond that is water and heat proof. The dried component is also flexible with sanding, painting and many other surfacing processes. Additionally, the glue needs UV light for hardening, so, there is no chance of drying in the container.

Moreover, it is a permanent bonding adhesive that means you can rely on its strength and durability.


  • Heat resistant
  • High bonding strength
  • UV-ray activated

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Volcanic Wrist Watch

This wrist watch is a budget-friendly option for rugged-quality metallic bands with LED time indicators.

The gadget looks like a metal bracelet with two small buttons at normal condition. These buttons control the LED display of the band and also help to set time when needed. The loop is available in stainless steel, alloys and plastic lava material for both men and women.  Moreover, they are available with two different colors of LEDs, blue and red.

The watch is daily water resistant and uses a CR2032 type battery for functioning. It exhibits two rows of lights that combine to display different characters for time and date.

Further, this faceless watch has automatic-self-wind movement.


  • Multiple colors and lights
  • Preinstalled battery
  • Choice of material
  • Display both time and date

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Eornmor Multi-Function Wrist Watch

This product is like a wrist-based survival kit.

It looks like an average digital watch with a small screen showing time and date, but it has many hidden features.  It has a high power LED torch with fore lighting modes, high, low, flash and SOS. The device is built with a very durable nylon band and a high-efficiency metallic buckle that makes it anti-slip and adjustable. Further, it also has a small compass at one end for easy track finding.

The watch is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 1 hour in high power and 5 hours in low power modes. The device has a life span of 100,000 hours. Moreover, it has a dedicated USB port that you can use to charge it.

Further, you can use it regularly without worrying about daily splashed; it has decent water resistance too.


  • Lightweight
  • Built-in battery
  • One click SOS distress signal
  • Data cable included

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Nobody ever said that you have to pay high for quality and these products pretty much proves it.  These products make a perfect companion for your day to day life and also give you budget-friendly options for gifts. You can buy all of them and that too without disturbing your monthly budget.

It seems like the online shopping giant, Amazon, have something for every need and budget of yours.  Moreover, these are only a few products; there are a lot more waiting for you at the site. So, the next time, you are looking forward to buying something, take some time to explore Amazon for best options.