5 Best App To Learn Spanish On Android

Planning an exotic vacation to Belize where the weather stays between 70°F and 85°F all year long and 1/3 of the population speaks Spanish? Or maybe you live in the USA where over 50 Million people speak Spanish and often know no other language! Have you ever stood in line in the grocery store and wondered what those people in front of you are talking about? Or maybe you were shopping in the same aisle as a handful of Spanish speakers and wondered what they were saying when they all laughed and turned to look at you? Whatever your reasons, there is no denying that we live in an ever diverse and changing world. It’s also a fact that in the majority of the world most people speak more than one language. So you have decided you want to start learning Spanish? While it might not be the end-all and be-all of language learning; using an app to learn Spanish can be a good starting point! With that in mind the top 5 apps for learning Spanish are listed below!

Learn Spanish Free

Coming in at number 5 we have Learn Spanish Free. This is not a bad intro to Spanish; it includes audio text and virtual tests and has quite a few lessons to set you on the path to conversing in Spanish! Some critiques from current users include the abundance of ad’s and going too deep too fast so it may not be the best for beginners. Some also find the lack of short quizzes throughout to be less than helpful. If you have passed the beginning stage this can definitely help you advance your skills and practice some you already had. This may feel a little nostalgic to many as it reminds us of a video and book combined curriculum that was used many years ago!

Download it now: Google Play

Learn Spanish — Espanol

A little better than the last we have Learn Spanish – Español with Wlingua. Some of the nice features in this app are the ability to choose between types of Spanish to learn (castellano typically spoken in Spain or español typically spoken in Mexico and much of Central America.) This provides an immersive experience complete with built in games, flash cards, fill in the blank stories, etc… all geared towards making it easier for you to learn! This app would rank higher on our list, except for the fact that many of the pictures don’t match the content and there are many spelling errors. On the bright side, Wlingua customer support is listening to users and is working hard to make it better which may give them a higher rating in the future!

Download it now: Google Play

Babbel — Learn Spanish

Our number 3 pick for learning Spanish is Babbel – Learn Spanish. If you’re heading out in a few weeks on vacation to a Spanish speaking location and you want to pick up a few basic phrases first this is definitely the way to go. Babbel is very good at giving you a quick introduction to Spanish in bite size pieces that will give you a minimal communication ability quickly. Definitely try this one out and see if it’s the one for you!

Download it now: Google Play

Rosetta Stone

In second place we have an oldie but a goodie! You may have heard of Rosetta Stone as for over a decade now they have been proven to have one of the best methods for learning any foreign language. Rosetta Stone has a well-deserved reputation among the best even being utilized by the US Military and many higher learning institutions. This app incorporates all the methods they have been using there and brings it to the modern era giving you the ability to learn through an app on your phone. The only reason they are number 2 rather than one is while you can do a few lessons through the app at no charge you will get to the point where it will cost you money to continue. Is it worth it to you? The old saying that you get what you pay for may be true in this instance.

Download it now: Google Play

Duolingo — Learn Languages For Free

The best of the best! Our top pick for Spanish learning apps is Duolingo: Learn Languages Free. With this app you can definitely pick up what you need to know for all your Spanish travel needs! What’s even better than all the rest? You can learn for free here! Duolingo is quite content to use ad revenue to pay for their work; that means you can learn all you need to know without paying anything. This app is great at tracking your progress based on success and failure rate and they will advance you or move you back slightly as needed until you clearly understand the content. Enjoy tackling learning Spanish when you download this today!

Download it now: Google Play


Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Spanish these apps are certain to help. Whether you go with the decades of experience in language learning provided by Rosetta Stone or the ad-supported excellence provided by Duolingo we wish you well on your new adventure as you start today!

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