5 Best QR Code Scanner For LG G8 ThinQS

QR Codes were a promotional push where folks could quickly and easily scan a code that would bring up a promotion, website, or something similar. Unfortunately, most phones didn’t come with the ability to scan QR codes right out of the gate, which is why now, the QR code push has pretty much fallen flat.

However, there are still some businesses out there that use QR codes to give their customers exclusive offers. But you still run into the problem where some phones don’t support QR codes from the get-go. Luckily, that’s easily changed with a free QR code scanner app for the LG G8 ThinQS.

Not sure what the best are? Follow along below, and we’ll show you a few of our favorites today.

Lightning QR Code

First up on our countdown is the Lightning QR Code. This one works as a barcode scanner optimized to scan QR codes and barcodes. This one, like most of these on our list, can be downloaded for free. Naturally, it comes with a handful of features to help you scan codes. You can use your QR Code scanner with the zoom feature, which makes it easy to decode small codes, or codes that are far away.

Privacy is really good with this one, actually only requesting the permissions that it needs.

Download it now: Google Play

Free QR Scanner

The aptly named Free QR Scanner is another excellent choice. As you might imagine, you can easily scan barcodes and QR codes alike with it. It has a ton of support for QR codes, standard 1D and 2D types, essentially all QR codes and barcodes on the market.

One of the neat things about this choice is that the Free QR Scanner doesn’t require an Internet connection. So, if you see a QR code at a restaurant or business, you could scan it without Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. Free QR Scanner also has a Scanner History that you can view as well.

Download it now: Google Play

QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader is much of the same as what we’ve covered so far, but the developers are aiming to make this one of the fastest QR code scanners on Android today. That said, this one makes it easy as can be to scan QR codes and barcodes, with it essentially being an instantaneous recognition.

One of the nice things about this one is that it supports most QR codes on the market, essentially and automatically recognizing any QR code out there.

Download it now: Google Play

QR & Barcode Scanner

The QR & Barcode Scanner is next, and it’s another one that’s almost identical to all of the others. This one does have support for book ISBNs, which might be one of the more unique aspects. There’s no need to press any buttons, take photos, or even adjust your zoom — it all happens automatically.

One of the more unique aspects to QR & Barcode Scanner is that it can scan coupons and coupon codes to receive discounts instantly at stores, and save some money on your next purchase.

Download it now: Google Play

QR Scanner

Sure, the easily named  accomplishes largely the same goals as the rest. There’s still an instant scanning feature, allowing you to scan a QR code instantly and see the results quickly — you shouldn’t experience much buffering, if any at all.

It’s quite easy to setup, after downloading and opening up the app, just allow the Camera permission, but from there, you should be able to scan just about any QR code or barcode you can find.

When you’re ready to scan the code, there is actually a button that you need to tap on to indicate that you’re ready to scan the code, and then you can line up the viewfinder with the QR code. So while it’s not an automatic recognition, it still operates pretty smoothly.

Download it now: Google Play


As you can see, there are a lot of QR Code scanners available for the LG G8 ThinQS. These will work for a variety of other smartphones on the market as well. Which one you go with doesn’t entirely matter, as these are all going to ultimately do the same thing. Try out a few, and find out the one with the interface that you think appeals to you the most.

Do you have a favorite QR Code scanner? Let us know in the comments section below.

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