5 Best Launchers For LG G8 ThinQS

LG has equipped its LG G8 ThinQS with its own launcher to put atop of stock Android. That said, you get access to more LG-specific features, as well as a handful of extra applications that you wouldn’t normally find on stock Android. Of course, it also comes with a lot of bloatware that you wouldn’t normally use as well.

That’s why some folks prefer something a little on the cleaner side, maybe not even cleaner, but something with features that will actually be used. This is where custom launchers come in. Follow along below, and we’ll show you five of our favorites launchers that can replace your stock LG option.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the big names in custom launchers, which has actually been around for years now. They’ve been able to dominate the custom launcher field this long through regular upgrades, updates, and general improvements. There are competitors, but Nova Launcher always seems to come out on top.

There’s a lot that Nova Launcher has going for it, such as a clean interface and intricate customizations. Inside Nova Launcher’s settings, you have a ton of customization options, themes, and controls that let you make even the tiniest adjustments of the launcher.

Nova Launcher even comes with widget support as well.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft might be a dead name as far as mobile goes, but they actually make an excellent, free launcher for Android phones. Called Microsoft Launcher, this unique option actually brings you a sweet new interface that you don’t usually see on Android.

The highlight of this launcher is the seamless connectivity between your phone and your Windows PC. You can easily connect your phone to your Windows PC, giving you the ability to quickly and easily share files between that PC and your phone. You can say goodbye to emailing yourself files, or creating a strange sharing system through Cloud services.

One of the other major things about Microsoft Launcher gives you a universal search feature that’s similar to what you’d find on iOS as well. This allows you to search for terms throughout your phone and the Web simultaneously.

Smart Launcher 5

If you haven’t yet heard of Smart Launcher 5, you might’ve been living under a rock! It has been around for years now, and through new iterations and upgrades, has been able to keep up really well with Nova Laucnher’s success. This latest iteration improves speed and customization features.

In Smart Launcher 5, the launcher actually automatically changes the theme colors to match your wallpaper. Smart Launcher 5 actually makes your home screen a little more easier to navigate by automatically categorizing apps as well. There’s also a gesture system built-in. You could just as easily use your phone’s power button, but in the gesture system, with just a couple of taps on the display, you can unlock or lock your phone, too.

Pixel Launcher

Next up, we have the beloved Pixel Launcher. One of the problems with OEM launchers, like from LG, is that they’re so cluttered and full of bloatware. That’s why we like the Pixel Launcher, which is a clean and simple interface that just works. It’s fast and efficient, too.

You can swipe right from your home screen to see personalized Google cards that bring you news and personalized information. It actually uses contextual services to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information. It even gives you quick access to Google Search on your primary home screen — no need to run to the browser for search all the time!

Apex Launcher

Last up on our countdown, we’re looking at the Apex Launcher. One of the cool things about Apex Launcher is that you can truly make your home screen yours. With loads of customization features, you can truly tune it to your personality and likes. One unique feature is that you can preview your changes before actually making them to the home screen.

There are a lot of launchers out there that are exclusive to your smartphone; however, Apex Launcher works for both phone and tablets, so you can have a similar experience across devices.


There are an endless amount of launchers that you can choose for the LG G8 ThinQS. Most of them are free, but can be upgraded with an in-app purchase. There isn’t one that’s necessarily better than the other here, as all of these offer up a great experience.

Your best bet is to probably take a few of these for a spin — since they’re free — and find out which one of these you like the most. Do you have a favorite go-to launcher? Let us know what it is in the comments section below!

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