5 Best QR Code Scanner For LG G8 ThinQ

QR codes have significantly dropped in popularity since their inception. At first, businesses thought they would be the next big revolution in processing information. By scanning a QR code, you would get instant access to a URL, promotion, or some sort of coupon code. However, since phones didn’t and never came with the ability to scan QR codes by default, they just never took off in terms of mass adoption.

There are still a few businesses that use QR codes, and luckily, you can easily scan these by using an app that you can download to your LG G8 ThinQ. Here are five of our favorites.

Lightning QR Code

The number one choice that we’re looking at today is the Lightning QR Code app. This one is a traditional barcode scanner, but through updates has been optimized to scan QR codes. That said, you can scan barcodes and QR codes alike — even the ones ont he back of a cereal box. One of the features that sets this one apart from the rest is the Zoom feature — it makes it easy to decode smaller QR codes that are difficult for the viewfinder to pick up.

Lightning QR Code understands today’s modern privacy concerns — that said, the only permission Lightning QR Code scanner uses is the Camera app.

Download it now: Google Play

Free QR Scanner

Second on our countdown, we have Free QR Scanner. As the name suggests, this one is a free download for your LG G8 ThinQ, allowing you to easily scan barcodes and QR codes alike, just like the last choice. Free QR Scanner actually has support for 1D and 2D types, allowing you to essentially scan any code out there.

One of the neat things about this choice is that the Free QR Scanner doesn’t require an Internet connection. Use it whether you have a data connection or not. However, if the QR code opens a URL, you’re not going to be able to open it without an Internet connection. They also give you a scan history, so that you can always go back and see results of previous scans.

Download it now: Google Play

QR Code Reader

This one is aimed at being one of the fastest QR code scanners on Android, and to be honest, we think it just might be. That’s largely attributed to automatic QR code recognition here — once your viewfinder is lined up with the code, it instantly recognizes and scans a QR code.– no buttons to press to indicate ready to scan.

Download it now: Google Play

QR & Barcode Scanner

Next up, we’re looking at the QR & Barcode Scanner. Working the same was as the other three we’ve mentioned, QR & Barcode Scanner scans a variety of different QR codes. While it’s very similar to many choices on our list, it works at setting itself apart from others by being able to scan most QR codes on the market.

It can read all QR / barcode types, including text, URL, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats. With this wide support, there isn’t a code out there that it can’t scan!

Download it now: Google Play

QR Scanner

And finally, but certainly not least, we have QR Scanner. As you might imagine, and as the saying goes, “there is nothing new under the sun”, and so, this app is very much accomplishing the same means as the other QR codes. QR Scanner does try to offer up at least a couple of extra features with your download. It’s got their own sin on ‘instant scanning, giving you the ability to scan a QR code, and codes appear instantly, with very little buffering or loading in-between.

In addition, QR Scanner is also a big support of privacy. This isn’t one of those apps that requests tons of permissions for no reason at all — Once you first open the app, the only permission that you’ll need to allow is the Camera permission. QR Scanner doesn’t ask for permissions that it doesn’t need.

Download it now: Google Play


There are tons of different ways that you can scan QR codes and barcodes while out and about. However, we’re pretty confident that these five apps are some of the best options for scanning codes. Download any one of these for free, and by simply lining up the viewfinder, you should be able to scan a QR code. Some of these do require you to press a button to indicate to the app that it needs to scan something.

Do you have a favorite QR code scanner for the LG G8 ThinQ? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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