5 Best Peter Pan Coloring Pages On Android

“I want to be like Peter Pan. I don’t want to grow up. I want to fly with my teddy bear, live in a treehouse with the Lost Boys or in a wigwam with the Indians, visit the fairies and fight the pirates.” Peter Pan has been a staple of children’s stories since the 1800s.  Children around the world have related to the desire to celebrate being a child and the adventure of our wildest imaginations. As kids, we all have longed to be the little hero in the stuffy and wicked world of adults where it often seemed like we didn’t matter. But in Peter Pan, he was able to take on this world and overcome it with spunk and the joy of living.  You can share this world of wonderment and festival of all things kid with your children with these wonderful Android apps. Here are 5 of the best Peter Pan Activity apps out there.

Peter Pan By Toys R Apps

This educational app is focused towards introducing your 3 to 8 year olds to the wonderful world of Peter Pan.  There are a collection of interactive Peter Pan stories that focus on values and attitudes towards life. Yet they are also fun and engaging.  This app comes not only in English, but also a host of other languages including, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc. Not only can your child read the story, but this app has a coloring book as well where your child can color their favorite scenes from the stories.  There are also puzzles and other games that your child can play.

Download it now: Google Play

Magic Adventure of Peter Pan

This Peter Pan game is a hidden object game.  And what better person to need help finding something than Peter Pan who is constantly hunting for that pesky shadow to try to sew back on his feet?  There are over 1000 hidden objects to find in this multiple level game. The music is great as well helping to fan the excitement as you scour pages of dreams, pirates, fairies, treehouses and, of course, crocodiles.  This game comes in multiple languages and has levels appropriate for children and adults. With faith, hope and a little bit of pixie dust, you are in for the adventure of a lifetime.

Download it now: Google Play

Peter’s Neverland

Live Peter’s story as an active participant.  You can play through Peter Pan’s story as a side scrolling adventure fighting pirates and crocodiles, learning to fly and of course saving Wendy and Lost Boys.  Hook has stolen Peter’s power to fly in this game. But he still needs to rescue his friends from the filthy pirate. You will find yourself jumping through forest and meadow settings as your search for them and try to overcome the evil Hook.  There are multiple levels and lots of fun playing the hero as the boy who never grew up.

Download it now: Google Play

Peter Pan: Puzzles for Kids

In this interactive story book for children 3 years and older, the story is told with sticker puzzles. Find the characters and objects that fill in the missing spaces. As your child does this the story is revealed.  They will face cute and enjoyable pirates, fairies and Indians along with the other Lost Boys. This game is free and created to give you and your child a feeling of happiness and positive emotions as you play.  It is a great pick me up with a story of friendship and love. And it has lots and lots of stickers.

Download it now: Google Play

Peter Pan – Book and Games

This multilingual app allows you to read J. M. Barrie’s original story and narrates it for your children to listen to.  After they listen to Tinker Bell, Chief Great Big Little Panther, Wendy, Michael and John, they can continue their enjoyment of these characters through two other fun games.  Your children can practice their memory skills with the characters of this charming book. Trying to match characters and trying to remember where they are. There are also wonderful jigsaw puzzles that can keep your child occupied.  This is a fun app even after the story is over.

Download it now: Google Play


Peter Pan will remind you to take time to enjoy life and not become a pirate as you relive the adventure with your kids.  Whether it is just listening to the story again or helping your child hunt for Peter’s shadow, these apps will bring the story back to life for you.  Take a look over each of these options. I am certain you and your child will find a great fun to enjoy together.

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