Top Five Free Bow and Arrow Games for Android

One of the factors that could make bow and arrow games more exciting is the realistic physics implementation. If you’ve tried to shoot an arrow in real life, you will know that physics plays a very important role in making every shot as accurate as possible especially for long-distance ones. Not all developers are keen to this feature, in fact, there is only a few bow and arrow games for Android that could pass this aspect. They are the following:

Fruit Shoot. Developed by Words Mobile, Fruit Shoot, is one of the best archery games ever submitted to the Google Play Store. It is a simple game with not so really great graphics but the challenge comes in hitting all sorts of fruits put on top of a bear’s head. There are different sizes of fruits and they become harder and harder to hit as your character goes farther and farther. There are also stages where the bear is moving to and fro, thus, making the  target’s distance inconsistent.

At first, the game might leave an impression that it is easier to complete but the more you play with it, the more you’ll know that you need hours and hours of playing before you can complete 90 levels of pure bow and arrow experience.

Fruit Shoot is currently offered free at the Play Store. To experience the fun it offers, download it from here.

Archery. Well, the developer Innovative Games was to the point when they were in the process of naming this game. Users will to shoot a target board with bow and arrow to make high scores. The physics animation is as realistic as you as with the Fruit Shoot.

You can also submit your score to compete with your friends or other users who may also be playing this game. Accuracy is one of the most important factors you have to develop to excel in this game. It is offered free at the Play Store so you can download it anytime to evaluate its entertainment value. Here is the link.

Archery – Bow & Arrow. The developer, Pilot Fish Media Inc, boasts highly of the precision of physics they have put into this game. Unlike other bow and arrow games, users are limited to 20 arrows per game session with one arrow awarded each time the bull’s eye is hit.

Each time the target board is hit, it will change location. So, it’s not really about finding a perfect spot to constantly hit it but it’s about precision each time you shoot.

Your scores can also be submitted to compete with others and the game is offered free.

ArcherWorldCup – Archery Game. It is one of the highest-rated bow and arrow games in the Play Store. You’ll be competing with other players around the world, hence the name Archer World Cup.

The game is actually very simple to play, you just have to pull the arrow with your, aim, let go and wish it would hit the center to gain 10 points. As far as excitement is concerned, this app may just what it takes to become the best archery game.

The game app has been developed by LitQoo and currently offered free at the Play Store. Here is the link to the game.

Fruit Archery II. Just like the fruit shoot, the targets are fruits in this bow and arrow game. Basically, this is the second iteration of Rocking Games’ Fruit Archery app. The first iteration was actually very simple and lacked a lot of components, which the developer compensated in this version.

Fruit Archery II now has better graphics, smooth and responsive game play, realistic physics and has no compatibility issues with devices. If you are one of the fans of bow and arrow games, this game may be entertaining for you. After all, it is offered free so you have nothing to lose if you tried it. Here is the link to the game.

Bottom Line 

Bow and arrow games are among the most favored games either in mobile devices, tablets or computers. Either you love them or you’re simply killing your time, these games may just  serve their purpose.

Have you played a bow and arrow game recently?

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