5 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2024

It’s the big shot. From January through December, Sunday through Monday, at any hour of any day, you could be missing a game-winning touchdown pass, a blistering slap shot, a match-altering corner kick, a buzzer-beating shot from beyond the arc; you get the idea. With the growth of professional and amateur sports leagues alike, and a tremendous uptick in global connectivity, interest in viewing sports taking place all across the world has soared.

For many, one of the greatest struggles has become having the ability to view critical games without breaking the bank to obtain the privilege of viewing the contest. Thousands of free streaming services, sites, and apps can be found on the market today, and we will outline our top five. However, a word of caution is that for these services you will typically still be required to provide login credentials from your TV provider. Once you have completed that step, you can be watching your favorite college football team from a beach in Singapore. Heck, you could even be watching your favorite Singaporean basketball team from your college. Here are our top five!

Amazon Prime

Coming in at number five is a household name that may come as a surprise in this category. Amazon has long been known as an online retail gargantuan which also provides a library of TV shows and movies, including originals. What is less commonly known is the fact that Prime has now struck deals with both the NFL and the English Premier League. So whether your team plays football or fútbol, it may soon have a home with the same company that delivers your tech gadgets, necessities, and gifts. If successful, Amazon plans to continue to stream more live sports in the future.

Get it here: Amazon

Hulu Sports (Hulu with Live TV)

In a similar vein to Amazon Prime, Hulu is a streaming service that is well known for appealing to the crowd that is looking to “cut the cable”. In addition to a mammoth library of shows and movies, Hulu also offers a streaming service for Live TV. Sign up for Hulu’s Live TV program, and they’ll throw in a handful of sport streaming channels for free! Hulu claims that users of this service can stream the top sports networks and live games from major pro and college leagues, including the NFL, NBA, NCAA Football, NHL, EPL Soccer, and more. Want to cut the cable and still stream your favorite teams? Hulu may be the answer for you.

Get it here: Hulu

CBS Sports

Midway through our countdown is a network familiar to many. CBS Sports is the branch of the Columbia Broadcasting System that brings its viewers a variety of athletic contests, from the NFL to College Basketball, and from the MLB to College Football, as well as individual events such as PGA golf tournaments. Interested in utilizing this streaming service? Just check beforehand, especially since CBS only has contracts with certain teams in both professional and amateur leagues.

Get it here: CBS


When it comes to sports broadcasts, one entity reigns supreme. That company, of course, is ESPN. If it is wide variety that you seek when watching sports, then ESPN is your place. At any hour of the day, you have the ability to stream events such as cricket, rugby, baseball, softball, football, soccer, fishing, poker, hockey, wresting, tennis, etc. The concept here is that ESPN has created an empire that is nearly impossible for any other network to eclipse. For that reason, their streaming service, either ESPN3 or WatchESPN, comes in at #2.

Get it here: Watch ESPN

Fox Sports GO

Win or lose, it is nearly impossible not to love your hometown team. For many, the purpose of streaming a sporting event is simply to watch their local team play, even when they are thousands of miles away. For that reason, Fox Sports GO takes the top spot on our countdown. With FS GO, users are connected with their local Fox Sports network. For example, someone from Detroit could travel to Tokyo on business, log in to their Fox Sports GO app, and instantly possess the ability to watch the Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, and Lions. FS GO truly creates a seamless process for viewing your favorite teams.

Get it here: Fox Sports GO


No matter where life takes you, sports can be a sanctuary. Find time to escape from the stress of the everyday by utilizing one of these streaming services to put your mind on something more trivial, even if only for a few minutes. Regardless of your hometown, favorite sport, or even the team you cheer for, one of these services will appeal to your tastes. Try downloading all of them in order to see which one best fits your lifestyle.

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