5 Best Crossword Puzzles For Kids On Android

Crossword puzzles are a fantastic way for kids to have fun and grow many beneficial skills in life.  Obviously crosswords can increase your child’s vocabulary, which in itself is an early indicator of success in a child’s life.  But it also helps in other areas as well. Crosswords helps improve memory and concentration skills. Many medical associations are now encouraging children to work on these skills as young as possible to protect brain health for your golden years.  It also helps with problem solving skills. Figuring out how to find what words would fit in a crossword is a lesson in learning how to learn. These are all things that we want for our kids. So the next question is what are the best crosswords out there?  Here is our list of the top 5 crossword puzzle apps for Android.

Crossword For Kids — Word Games For Kids

Focusing on 2nd through 5th graders, this app focuses on making learning fun.  They have themes like animals, pirates, foods and more. The child sees the definition and has the opportunity to see the word used in a sentence so that it can strengthen the vocabulary learning.  Great animations are seen throughout. They help the child to visualize many of the words that they are spelling.

Download it now: Google Play

Crossword Puzzle For Kids By Iria Entertainment

This crossword has a unique spin of clues.  They place a picture at the front end of each line that needs to be solved.  The child may click on the picture and then a definition is shown. From there the child may learn to write the word through sounding it out and filling in the empty blanks.  With over 400 puzzles and over 2500 words, there are a lot of words to learn in this app. The backgrounds are cute and add to the friendly feel of the puzzles.

Download it now: Google Play

Kids Word Games

This app has crosswords as well as word searches and missing letters.  This allows children to have a variety of ways to practice learning new vocabulary words.  With 13 different levels, there are a lot of different words and searches to use in this app.  There are also puzzles based on different themes like Farm, Park, Forest, Animals, Sea, Foods, Numbers and more.  There are adorable animations as well to help keep your child’s attention. Your child will enjoy the options as they learn.

Download it now: Google Play

Leo Spanish Crosswords: A Learning Game For Kids

This crossword is not only ad free and has crosswords and i-spy games, but it teaches children Spanish words.  What a fun way to learn another language! Your child will have the opportunity to learn over 175 common Spanish words.  They will also get the chance to hear those words spoken by a native Spanish speaker. There are many categories to choose from: Open (words that end in vowels), Mixed (words that end in a consonant), Blends (words with a combination of 2 or three consonants together) and Digraphs (words with vowel combinations).  After each crossword is completed, there is an i-spy puzzle that become available for the child to review the words that they learned in the crossword. This app is an absolute must have when working towards that bilingual learning.

Download it now: Google Play

Crossword Puzzles For Kids By Fun Word Dev

This traditional looking crossword puzzle is great fun for kids.  There are options for clues in this puzzle to assist a child when they are stuck trying to find the answer.  The child can ask for a letter to be revealed in the puzzle or as a last resort an entire word. This may be the simplest of the crossword games, but sometimes it is ok to just have something that is back to basics.  

Download it now: Google Play


Crosswords are a wonderful way for children to learn a whole host of things.  Using them for vocabulary tests, spelling practice, phonetics, or even learning an entirely new language, this is a very useful tool that your child will find enjoyable and be happier playing and learning that sitting with a list in front of them trying to memorized its contents by rote.  The added benefit that the app is easily found on your phone or tablet means that anywhere you go, you are able to pull it out and create a learning environment for your child in even the most unexpected places. What a great opportunity for parents to have the ability to provide their child with quality chances to grow in vocab and language learning skills at any time or place.  

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