5 Best Offline Soccer Games For Android In 2020

If you watched the UEFA Champions League this year or are looking forward to watching the teams duke it out at the World Cup in Russia, you might be wondering how you can get into soccer (or football overseas) yourself. Not everyone wants to play the physical game, but if you have just a little interest in at all, there are plenty of soccer games that you can download and install on your Android device.

You can have a ton of fun with offline soccer games. Some of them let you customize your team with your favorite players, and others even let you compete against friends and family. If you want to download the best soccer game for Android, follow along below to see the top-rated games on the Google Play Store.

FIFA Mobile Soccer

Want to play in your own World Cup this year? Then you should check out what FIFA Mobile Soccer has to offer in the FIFA World Cup. Upon launching, you can almost immediately start building, managing, customizing, and training your team. You can play as any of the 32 qualifying countries and even unlock region-based rewards. There are plenty of unique modes and maps that you can switch from, too. Once you get good, you can really put yourself to the test by joining a FIFA league, where you’ll be pitted against some of the best FIFA players in the world.

Download it now: Google Play

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is pretty similar to FIFA Mobile Soccer. Build and manage your own team, and then train them in practice games and tournaments. The graphics in this game is super realistic, so you’ll get a crisp and clear experience here, too. You can join divisions and play through seven different Cup competitions. Eventually, you’ll hit the prestigious Elite Division, which is where the competition really starts heating up.

Download it now: Google Play

Score Hero

Score Hero is very different than Dream League Soccer and FIFA Mobile Soccer. In Score Hero, you play as one character instead of managing a whole team. Basically, the premise is that you’ll have a soccer career like a real soccer player, where you can grow your character into a champion, at least for as long as the manager wants you on the team. There are around 500 levels to wade through, so Score Hero will keep you busy for a long time as well. It’s a simple game to play, but you’ll need to be an expert strategist, as the AI is super intelligent and tactical. They’ll actually learn and adapt to how you play, giving you a super competitive edge to play against here.

Score Hero is always adding additional levels and mechanics, so you’ll always have plenty of fresh content to play through. The game is free to download, but there are a handful of in-app purchases that will make the game a little easier.

Download it now: Google Play

Pro Evolution Soccer

Next up, we have Pro Evolution Soccer. This is a direct competitor to FIFA Mobile Soccer, as Pro Evolution Soccer was made by Konami. With that in mind, you’re going to see stunning graphics and similar gameplay. You can build and manage your own team, and you have a ton of player customization, as Konami lets you choose from over 10,000 different players. If you wanted, you could even mix legendary players from years past with today’s champions to create a squad that no one can beat. Controls are easy to grasp, and you can even fight with friends in Local Matches or create Local Tournaments.

Download it now: Google Play

Top Eleven

Last up on our list is Top Eleven. This game is a little more unique than the rest on this list, as you’ll play the team manager, instead of the team or a player on the team. You’ll play as the Manager, who has to create and build the team. You can select specific players, but you can even customize different strategies and formations, too. You’ll be able to see just how well you did in creating your team by joining up in the League, World Cup or Champion’s League!

Download it now: Google Play


So, which offline soccer game is right for you? If we had to choose one, we would recommend going with the FIFA Mobile Soccer. The game is well supported, and seems the theme itself around current happenings in the soccer world (right now, the World Cup in Russia). There are a lot of great mechanics and ways to customize your team that’ll keep you busy for weeks.