5 Best Workout Headphones For Galaxy Note 10

Picking up Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10 and looking for a good pair of headphones or earbuds to work out with? You have a lot of different choices that are available today, but there are only a couple that is really up to the job.

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But on top of that, some headphones are more ideal for different types of workouts. For example, if you’re on a run or job, a set of earbuds might be more fitting than a full-size pair of headphones. So no matter what workout you’re doing, you can follow along with us below to find out the best pairs of workout headphones for the Galaxy Note 10.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Apple AirPods

One of our favorite pairs of workout headphones is the Apple AirPods. Even though they’re designed for the iPhone, hooking these up via Bluetooth for the Galaxy Note 10 works swimmingly. That said, you’ll get earbuds that stay snugly fit in your ear, whether you’re on a jog down the road or smashing those weights at the gym.

Battery life is what makes these impressive. The actual earbuds themselves come with five hours of battery life, but the charging case has another 24. These charge up rather quickly, with just 15 minutes in the charging case giving you a whole three hours of battery life.

These sound great, and will give you some excellent quality; however, there is no noise cancellation to speak of. They’re not sweat-resistant, but do work fine during workouts. And while these were designed for the iPhone, the AirPods work just fine with Android devices, too.

Galaxy Buds

Of course, we can’t mention workout headphones without throwing Samsung’s Galaxy Buds into the mix. These earbuds are said to fit a little better in the ear, and even come with sweat-resistance so that you can be certain liquid isn’t going to harm these. That said, these are a little more optimal for intense workouts, like running down a street.

Where Samsung has made this standout is with the Ambient Aware technology. You can pretty much choose how much ambient noise you want to hear with Ambient Aware. It’s mostly your noise cancellation slider.

Of course, there seems to be a “con” with almost anything out there — for the Galaxy Buds, that’s that they only come with six hours of battery life inside the earbuds, and then just seven hours in the charging case. So, you’re only going to be able to charge these up once while on the go.

Beats Solo3

Maybe earbuds aren’t your cup of tea. So what else is out there for you? Full-size pairs of headphones aren’t bad. People wear them to the gym all the time! Enter, the Beats Solo3. These are full-sized pair of headphones meant for the studio or use in a coffee shop but work great at the gym. With Beats, you’re only going to get the best sound quality.

What will really With up to 40 hours of battery life, the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones are perfect for at the coffee shop, at the gym, and other activities. When the battery is low, just five minutes on the charger brings you three hours of playback.

Bose SoundSport

Next up, we have the Bose SoundSport earbuds. These are the perfect pair of workout earbuds for out on the run or for using weights at the gym. The sound is excellent, though they aren’t truly wireless. The earbuds are attached via wires. Other than that, they connect up to your Galaxy Note 10 via Bluetooth.

Other than that, these sound excellent but do only bring you six hours of battery life. You’ll have to charge them up pretty regularly. However, they do work great for running and jogging, largely thanks to Stay Fit+ technology. They fit in your ears well, comfortably, and aren’t going to fall out without actually pulling them out.

Bose SoundLink

Coming up next, we’re taking a look at the Bose SoundLink headphones. These are full-size headphones and are extremely comfortable, all thanks to the over-the-ear fitment. That said, these are pretty nice for running or at the gym.

Battery life is good, bringing you 15 hours of playback time on a single charge. These juice up about average time, but do have some sweet sound quality to them. You can use this one for calls, as well.


As you can see, there are a variety of excellent headphones available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. For general use, we think both the Apple AirPods and Galaxy Buds are great choices. However, if you’re almost exclusively only at the gym, you might want to go for something like the Beats Solo3 headphones instead. They have better battery life, code with noise cancellation, and are way more comfortable.

Do you have a favorite pair of workout headphones? Let us know in the comments section below.

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