What is Portal Coin on Binance and When Will it Start Trading

Update: Feb 29, 2024 The futures price of the cryptocurrency Portal (PORTAL) has hit $3.24 according to data from the options trading platform Aevo. This price comes alongside a 24-hour trading volume for Portal futures of $342,000, as reported by BlockBeats. The increase in Portal’s futures pricing and trading volume demonstrates growing interest in the cryptocurrency and optimism about its future valuation.

Portalcoin (PORTAL) is the native cryptocurrency of Portal, an ambitious project seeking to transform the blockchain gaming landscape. Built by the Portal Foundation, Portal aims to connect different blockchain networks to enable unified and seamless gaming experiences across multiple chains.

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At Portal’s core is the goal of breaking down the barriers between fragmented blockchain gaming communities. The platform leverages innovative cross-chain technologies to facilitate the portability of assets, identities, and data between otherwise disconnected ecosystems. This interoperability unlocks new possibilities for developers and gamers alike.

The Portal Ecosystem

The Portal ecosystem comprises the Portal middleware layer and the Portal Passport. The middleware layer handles all cross-chain transactions, ensuring assets and data flow securely between chains. This process remains seamless and hidden, with games needing only to integrate the Portal software development kit.

The Portal Passport serves as a unified login and identity solution usable across all Portal games and applications, regardless of the underlying blockchain. This provides consistency and continuity to gamers while eliminating the need to manage multiple identities, keys, and wallets.

The PORTAL Token

Portalcoin (PORTAL) is the ERC-20 native utility token powering the Portal ecosystem. PORTAL has multiple integral functions:

  • Paying transaction fees for using the Portal network
  • Facilitating in-game purchases of items, avatars, etc.
  • Enabling gamers to participate in governance votes
  • Incentivizing gamers via staking rewards
  • Unlocking exclusive gaming content and NFT drops

This multifaceted design underscores PORTAL’s importance in stimulating participation, promoting security, and nurturing the growth of a vibrant gaming community.

PORTAL Launch on Binance

On February 21st, 2024, Binance announced the listing of PORTAL on Binance Launchpool, allowing users to stake BNB and FDUSD to farm PORTAL tokens. The PORTAL farming period lasts seven days, from February 22nd 00:00 UTC to February 29th 00:00 UTC.

Subsequently, Binance will enable trading support for PORTAL on February 29th at 10:00 UTC, only a day after the conclusion of farming. The exchange aims to list five PORTAL trading pairs:


This relatively quick transition from Launchpool to listing underscores Binance’s confidence in PORTAL’s potential. Indeed, within the first 24 hours, over $8.6 billion worth of BNB and FDUSD was staked to the Launchpool, setting a new record.

The Future of Portal

Portal has ambitious plans moving forward. The platform intends to expand its gaming options vastly, augment reality functionality, and explore integrations with VR and the emerging metaverse.

Additionally, Portal aims to evolve its middleware, enhancing cross-chain speeds and communication while reducing complexity and costs. These improvements would bolster Portal’s capacity to support advanced Web3 games on a mass scale.

With innovative technology, vast growth potential, and Binance’s backing, Portalcoin seems poised to become a dominant force in connecting the disparate worlds of blockchain gaming. As the flagship token powering this gaming revolution, PORTAL’s listing promises to be an exciting milestone for the project.

The doors to the Portal metaverse open on February 29th. It’s time to play.

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