Vivo Reveals 120W Fast Charging Technology That Can Charge a 4,000 mAh Battery in 13 Minutes

Chinese manufacturer Vivo has upped the fast charging game significantly by announcing a new fast charging technology that can offer charging speed of up to 120W. This theoretically means that it can charge a 4,000 mAh battery in about 13 minutes as illustrated by Vivo’s post on Chinese social networking site, Weibo.

To compare, this is significantly faster than Oppo’s Super VOOC charging tech that promises fast charging at up to 50W, while Huawei’s sophisticated fast charging tech can only reach 40W. It’s important to note that Vivo is yet to bring this charging technology to the market, so we could be some distance away from an official reveal. However, knowing that the company is actively working on it is certainly good news.

Vivo 120W Charging

The only teaser that the company managed to give was the #Vivo5G hashtag, suggesting that this technology may be uncovered in a forthcoming 5G-capable Vivo smartphone.

It seems like the companies are constantly pushing the boundaries for fast charging tech. While 20W fast charging is still considered decent, manufacturers continue to pursue faster charging speeds which can eventually make room for bigger batteries and larger, power hungry screens.

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Source: Weibo

Via: Android Authority

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