Verizon goes live with 5G in four more cities

Verizon is expanding its 5G networks yet again, bringing 5G connectivity to four more cities: Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Washington, DC.

While 5G is the future of network connectivity, not everyone will experience 5G connectivity straight away. That’s because you’ll need to be using at least one of the four 5G-enabled devices: the LG V50 ThinQ 5G, the Moto Z3, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, or Verizon’s 5G hotspot, the Inseego MiFi M1000.

The 5G rollout is happening rather slowly, but keep in mind that this is a true 5G from Verizon, unlike AT&T’s faux 5Ge. Device support is fairly minimal right now as well, but we should see both of these pick up over the next few months.

source: Verizon

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