This Starfield Player Just Robbed a Casino Using Game Physics

A recent post on the Starfield subreddit described an ingenious way one player was able to rob a casino in the game using some clever physics manipulation. This Starfield Player Just Robbed a Casino Using Game Physics In just three sentences – the player held multiple slot machine items at once using an interact button trick, walked them out of the casino, and then sold them for huge profits.

The Discovery

The post was made by a Redditor who described how they stumbled upon this casino robbery strategy accidentally. They were in the casino area known as The Red Mile, interacting with the various slot machines and games there. At one point, they held down the interact button while highlighted on a slot machine and realized it allowed them to pick up the machine and move it around. Surprised this was even possible, icarus373 decided to experiment. They found that by continuing to hold down the interact button, they could walk around the casino picking up and carrying multiple slot machines at the same time.

Executing the Heist

Now realizing the potential, the Redditor hatched their plan. They would systematically work their way around The Red Mile, grabbing as many slot machines as they could hold. Then they would casually walk out still holding them and make their way to the nearest store. After selling them all there for a nice profit, they would simply return to the casino and repeat the process. With no resistance, security or consequences from the casino itself, this seemed like a surefire way to earn unlimited credits.

The Step-By-Step Process

For anyone looking to try this casino robbery method themselves, here is a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Enter The Red Mile casino in Starfield and walk up to any slot machine.
  2. Highlight the machine and hold down the interact button (A on Xbox, E on PC).
  3. While still holding the button, start walking around the casino.
  4. Approach additional slot machines while still holding interact and you will pick them up too.
  5. Continue until you are holding the maximum amount of slot machines possible.
  6. Still holding interact, walk out of the casino with your slot machine haul.
  7. Make your way to the nearest store and sell the slot machines for 100-150 credits each.
  8. Return to casino and repeat the process as many times as desired.

One Player’s Hilarious Casino Heist Story

In responding to the original poster, one player shared a great story about their own use of this robbery tactic that really captures the humor and enjoyment of discovering these kinds of physics exploits.

The player said they used the slot machine haul method to earn over 50,000 credits in just a few casino runs. They then went to the city of New Atlantis and purchased the most expensive suite available at the nicest hotel. Afterwards, they returned to the casino and repeated the slot machine process, earning another 70,000 credits.

The player then used these ill-gotten gains to purchase every single room in the hotel for an entire game-month. They said watching long-term guests come and go from the rooms they had bought out from under them provided hours of entertainment.

Stories like this demonstrate the emergent gameplay and fun to be had when players discover and creatively take advantage of the intricate physics and systems in massive open world games like Starfield.

Troubleshooting Tips

For those attempting this robbery method themselves, there are a few key troubleshooting tips to ensure it goes smoothly:

  • Make sure to keep holding the interact button down during the entire pickup and carrying process. Letting go will cause all held slot machines to drop.
  • Try rotating the slot machines using L/R triggers or clicking the left stick to align them and fit through doors and passages.
  • On PC, holding shift will change the axis of rotation while manipulating the objects.
  • Be careful navigating stairs or hard to traverse terrain – physics glitches can send the slot machines bouncing wildly.
  • Sell to shops with high available credit counts to get full value. Vendors restock credits after a few in-game days.

While obviously an exploit never intended by the game developers, this casino robbery tactic leveraging Starfield’s in-depth physics and interaction systems demonstrates the incredible emergent gameplay possible in these huge open world RPGs. As long as players adhere to certain tips and troubleshoot issues that arise, this ingenious robbery method can provide hours of profits and entertainment. The hilarious stories of what creative players do with their ill-gotten gains, like the player who bought out an entire hotel, really capture the magic that keeps people coming back to games like Starfield.

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