Starfield Strategies: Lessons Learned After 55 Hours of Starfield Playing the Game

Starfield is the highly anticipated new space RPG from Bethesda. With its vast open world and deep character customization, there’s a lot to explore and discover. For new players just starting out, here are some Starfield Strategies to help you make the most of your journey through the Starfield universe:

Starfield: Essential Tips
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Starfield Strategies

1. Focus on gathering key resources early on

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When building outposts, you’ll need lots of Aluminum, Aluminum, and Iron. These are crucial for constructing and upgrading facilities, vehicles, and gear. Make gathering these resources a priority early in the game to give yourself an advantage.

2. Read skill descriptions carefully

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Don’t just glance at the overview of a skill. Read the full description to understand exactly what abilities and bonuses it will confer. Some skills like Piloting have nuances that are easy to miss if you don’t read the details.

3. Don’t waste inventory space on food

Starfield Essential Tips 3

While the art for food items looks amazing, food doesn’t provide major gameplay benefits. Don’t clutter your limited inventory with edibles. Focus on carrying more valuable gear and resources instead.

4. Make use of your unlimited ship safe

Starfield Essential Tips 4

The safe in your quarters has unlimited storage capacity. Use it to store excess gear, resources, creds, etc so you don’t have to overload your character inventory.

5. Note differences between ship storage containers

Starfield Essential Tips 5

The cargo hold and crew members transfer between ships, but all other containers are unique to each ship. Plan your storage strategy accordingly.

6. Explore ship sellers thoroughly

Starfield Essential Tips 6

Ship sellers have varying inventory and quality. If you find a great quality ship early on, note the system so you can potentially buy it again later. Pay close attention to reactor class.

7. Buying minerals can be faster than gathering

Starfield Essential Tips 7

If you need a lot of a certain mineral, buying it from traders may be faster than flying around planets harvesting deposits. Crunch the numbers to see if buying makes sense.

8. Quicksave frequently

Quicksave often so you can easily revert mistakes or changes of heart. The game is very stable, but you’ll be glad to have save points to fall back on.

9. Don’t underestimate cargo capacity

When outfitting your ship, don’t gloss over cargo hold upgrades. Having ample cargo space will be hugely beneficial throughout your journey.

10. Damage stats aren’t everything

When comparing weapons, don’t fixate solely on damage numbers. Other attributes like ammo capacity, fire rate, accuracy, etc also determine effectiveness.

Those are just a few tips from a Redditor to help you start strong in Starfield’s massive universe. Take your time, explore thoroughly, and enjoy unraveling all the mysteries and adventures waiting among the stars! Let us know if you have any other questions – we astro-archaeologists are happy to help prepare the next generation of spacefarers. Clear skies and smooth flying!

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