The Galaxy Note 10 Plus doesn’t look too different from the Galaxy S10

New photos of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus have been posted online, and they don’t look too entirely different from the Galaxy S10, aside from a slightly adjusted front-facing camera position.

The photos were obtained by TechTalkTV, and actually are pretty familiar with the leaks that we’ve heard around the phone so far; however, it actually looks really similar to the Galaxy S10.

YouTube video

It’s got the triple-lens camera on the back, the Infinity display, and it has the front-facing camera as well; however, that is centered at the top of the display, whereas it’s to the right a little bit in the Galaxy S10.

Unfortunately, there was no good look at the phone’s ports, which would’ve been nice to see. We’ll have to wait for further leaks to see if the audio jack is truly gone.

source: YouTube (TechTalkTV)

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