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5 Best QR Code Scanner For Huawei Mate 20 Pro

QR codes have been around for a few years now, though they have fallen in popularity as smartphone users haven’t had a way to scan QR codes from their phones. Most phones don’t come with a QR code scanner by default, which was a huge hit towards the QR code movement. That said, QR codes

5 Best QR Code Scanner For Galaxy S10

QR Code Scanners are a fairly unique and specific app, enabling your phone to, well, scan a QR code. Most phones don’t support QR codes by default, and as such, users are forced to download an application that will do it for you. The popularity of QR codes seem to have faltered quite a bit,

5 Best QR Code Scanner For Huawei P30 Pro

As you know, QR codes are far and few between these days, but there are still those times where one will appear that you’ll want to scan with your new Huawei P30 Pro. They usually offer some sort of benefit, such as a code you can apply to get so much off your order, and

5 Best QR Code Scanner For Huawei P30

QR codes have been around for awhile now, and were predicted to be the “next big thing.” QR codes were essentially something that you could scan with your phone, which would then take you to a web page with some information, or possibly display a promo code or offer. Unfortunately, they never really took off,

5 Best QR Code Scanner For LG G8 ThinQ

QR codes have significantly dropped in popularity since their inception. At first, businesses thought they would be the next big revolution in processing information. By scanning a QR code, you would get instant access to a URL, promotion, or some sort of coupon code. However, since phones didn’t and never came with the ability to