Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Error: Unfortunately, Settings has stopped

More often, the error message “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped” is accompanied by freezes and lags and sometimes even random reboots. It’s because the problem is in the firmware and this could happen even to the most powerful smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. We have encountered similar issues in the past and among the

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus shows the “Phone has stopped” error

The error message “Unfortunately, Phone has stopped” means that the default phone app in your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has crashed for some reason. Most of the time it’s just due to a minor problem with the app but there are also times when it’s just a sign of a more serious firmware issue considering

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A6s that won’t turn on

The new Samsung Galaxy A6s comes packed with really impressive technical specs but just like any other smartphones in the market today, it’s far from being perfect so you can expect some hiccups from time to time. Among the most common problem  you may probably encounter is when the phone no longer responds or turn

Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t turn on after charging overnight (easy fix)

There are times when problems occur and make the firmware crash. They’re not necessarily serious problems but they may leave your phone unresponsive. Such is the case with some of our readers who contacted us because their Samsung Galaxy S9 units reportedly won’t turn on anymore after charging overnight. Others even speculated that their phones

How to fix a Sony Xperia L2 smartphone that is running very slow (easy steps)

Sluggish or slow performance in mobile devices like smartphones are usually tied to memory-related issues like insufficient memory. Such troubles are usually transpiring in old devices but can also occur to new devices due to certain factors including errant apps, software bugs, malware, incorrect settings, and bad updates, to name some. In worst case scenarios,