Best rugged Android tablets money can buy

From luxury to commodity to absolute necessity, being able to connect to the web while on the go and carrying your work with you far and wide have taken new meanings in recent years, as conventional PCs lost steam and ultraportable alternatives rapidly gained traction. And whereas most smartphone and tablet owners nowadays still fall

Five reasons why we need BlackBerry on the Android team

The rumor is not new. In some shape or form, we’ve been expecting BlackBerry to reach to the dark Google side for salvation for several years now. It seems to be the Canadians’ only shot at a hardware business revival of sorts, and by extension, the company’s survival as a whole. Granted, John Chen could

Best business-friendly Android tablets money can buy in December 2014

Once upon a time deemed harmless toys incapable of challenging the conventional laptop’s productivity, tablets have grown in mainstream popularity of late not only because they’re smaller and, often, easier to master than computers. They’re also slowly but steadily moving up the enterprise ranks, becoming safe, functional and, most of all, cheap enough to use

Samsung Knox Notifications

BYOD: Can Android overtake iOS in the workplace? [Infographic]

Do you use mobile devices in the workplace? Two-thirds of businesses today encourage employees to use their own devices for communication or collaboration in the workplace, according to an infographic shared exclusively by cloud services provider Egnyte with The Droid Guy. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have increasingly penetrated into the workplace, but the

Should app developers build for Android first?

Android is, to date, the most popular mobile platform, both in numbers and in growth. And with development outfits starting to focus on a mobile-first approach, one might wonder whether this also translates to an Android-first approach in developing applications. And yet even if Android had an install base of hundreds of millions, the fact

Business strategy: How mobile mature is your enterprise?

With the rapid rise of mobile technologies and cloud-based computing, mobile devices are now being lauded as the next frontier in both enterprise and consumer computing needs. Businesses from a wide array of industries are scrambling to establish a mobile presence, although many are still building their apps and services by mimicking the functionality and

Apple to announce plan with massive stash of cash

American tech firm Apple is reportedly set to make an announcement regarding its next business move after profiting remarkably from the sales of their products last year, a corporate insider reported on Monday. Apple, who achieved record-breaking gains due to the popularity of iPhone and iPad, is ready to unveil its next plan to reallocate

Apple Spends 2 Percent in Overseas Tax Spending

The top executives at Apple has once again showcased their knack at avoiding the punitive hands of the tax collector after the Silicon Valley-based tech company reported a 2 percent tax spending for the chunk of money generated by the sales of their products overseas in the last fiscal year. According to its annual report

Daewoo Electronics to recommence business in Austria

Four years after its extraction, the South Korean home electronics company, Daewoo Electronics Corporation is now set to recommence business in the Central European land of Austria. This move is in line with the firm’s decisive aim to hit the European market, from this year onwards. Daewoo Electronics on Wednesday confirmed the company’s resolution to

Dell’s Latitude 10 Tablet Targets Enterprise Users

Earlier this year, Dell announced that its focus for its new devices is the business users. Dell, which had been known as a maker of consumer PCs, seems to be delivering on that promise with its new devices such as the Latitude 10 tablet, a tablet that is said to be designed with the enterprise

Fujitsu Launches New Tablet For Business Users

Fujitsu just released their 10.1 inch Android tablet, and it seems like they’re trying to target business users. This tablet is beautiful with the fact that it’s powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.4GHz quad core processor. At the same time, the Fujitsu Stylistic M532/EA4 is also military-grade ruggedized for protection against high and/or extreme

App Spotlight: Cardcloud

In this day and age it is important to carry a set of business cards. One truly never knows when or where they will need them. With that in mind, there is an app called Cloudcard that offers a service which will allow someone to carry that business card inside their phone. More after the

App Spotlight: Expensify

Business trips are a necessary evil that cost the traveling business person more than just money. Time spent away from loved ones can’t be replaced, and neither can the time that the travelers spends collecting receipts for reimbursement. The former issue is a hard problem to solve, but the expense report stress can be eased

T-Mobile Revamps Business Plans

As the AT&T/T-Mobile merger inches closer and closer it seems that T-Mobile is taking a minute to revamp their business vertical. As we already know T-Mobile has some of the strongest hardware in wireless today. To get businesses interested in T-Mobile service they’ve revamped their plans and options for business with 1-99 lines. T-Mobile introduced

The Android BootCamp at CTIA – Bringing Android to businesses

One of the highlights of the non-showfloor part of CTIA is the panels. Each one this year was a targeted session for either application developers or Business owners looking to find the next way to make their business better. Those companies who are aware have already started to look at Android as a real platform