T-Mobile Will Officially Launch 5G Services on December 6

With almost every major carrier announcing 5G plans already, T-Mobile was somewhat left behind. Well, that is set to change soon with the company announcing an official launch of its 5G networks on December 6. The carrier claims that this will benefit up to 200 million customers during launch and will be accessible across 5000 cities and towns by the end of the year. The carrier will reportedly market its 5G push under “5G for Good”.

This news comes as the T-Mobile – Sprint merger was officially approved by the FCC, with the deal going through almost every regulatory hurdle. However, it is worth noting that a handful of State Attorneys General are still opposed to the merger. The company CEO John Legere said “This deal has taken longer to close than we thought it would. Some people are still asking questions — the right questions. But these people have yet to realize that what they want is what we want.”

As for 5G connectivity, Legere stated that up to 90% of Americans will receive 100 Mbps speeds by 2024, which is quite an ambitious estimate. With the FCC and the Justice Department approving the merger, one would assume that things should be pretty smooth from here onwards. It seems like 2020 could be a big year for 5G with carriers like Verizon and AT&T banking heavily on its infrastructure investments. T-Mobile also stands to benefit from Sprint’s networks and can significantly bolster its 5G roadmap in the country.

Are you excited to check out T-Mobile’s 5G plans?

Source: T-Mobile

Via: Engadget

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