Improving Pass Accuracy for Run and Gun in Madden 24

Many Madden players like using a run and gun playstyle where they scramble outside the pocket and throw passes on the run. However, inaccurate passing can frustrate players trying to use this strategy. This article provides tips on how you can improve your passing accuracy when using a run and gun playstyle in Madden 24.

Choose Abilities That Boost Scrambling Accuracy

The first step is selecting the right abilities for your quarterback. The “Run and Gun” X-Factor boosts scrambling accuracy, so this is an obvious choice. Once unlocked, also equip the “Dashing Deadeye” ability which improves throwing accuracy while on the run up to 30 yards downfield. For even better results, add “Roaming Deadeye” to make throws accurate up to 50 yards.

Upgrade Your Quarterback’s Awareness Rating

A quarterback’s awareness rating determines how accurately they can place passes under pressure. For run and gun, you’ll often be throwing on the move so awareness is crucial. Upgrade your QB’s awareness rating through practice drills and weekly skill points. Get it up to at least 80+ for optimal scrambling accuracy.

Use Abilities Like “Bazooka” and “Sideline Deadeye”

Equip alternate abilities like “Bazooka” which improves maximum throwing distance, allowing you to make deep bombs while scrambling. “Sideline Deadeye” makes throws to the sidelines more accurate. Both help boost accuracy for run and gun players.

The Story of a Struggling Run and Gun Player

Reddit user asked the r/Madden community for help improving his passing accuracy when using run and gun. Despite activating his “Run and Gun” X-Factor and scrambling outside the pocket, his passes were still inaccurate beyond 20-30 yards.

Other Redditors helped diagnose the problem – his quarterback’s awareness rating was only 72. For run and gun, you need higher awareness so your QB can make tough throws on the run. They suggested levelling up awareness through practice drills. Equipping abilities like “Bazooka”, “Dashing Deadeye”, and “Sideline Deadeye” also improved his scrambling accuracy dramatically.

Improving Pass Accuracy for Run and Gun in Madden 24

With the right abilities, awareness rating, and alternate throw-boosting abilities, you can maximize your passing accuracy when using a run and gun playstyle. Focus on abilities that improve throws on the move and be sure to boost your QB’s awareness. With these tips, your run and gun offense will be far more effective in Madden 24.

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