Sony Xperia 2 Could Be the Company’s First 5G Phone

According to a report from a well-known Chinese source, Sony could bring its first-ever 5G smartphone in the form of Xperia 2. It’s no secret that Sony is gearing up to launch 5G handsets this year as it notably stayed out of the 5G race last year. However, with 2020 expected to bring better 5G infrastructure in key parts of the world, the time appears to be right for a new wave of 5G phones.

As for the Xperia 2, there’s not much information we have on the device itself. Considering that the Xperia 1 was Sony’s flagship from last year, it’s safe to assume that this will likely be the name for the device, assuming it’s a successor to the 2019 flagship. The source is also wary of the fact that Sony may go with a different naming scheme altogether, something along the lines of Xperia 0 or Xperia 1.1.

The report goes on to add that this 5G Sony smartphone will run on Snapdragon 865 which is Qualcomm’s newest mobile chipset. Although this will be used in high-end flagships, the chip won’t come with an integrated 5G modem. Thankfully, it can accommodate 5G modems to enable connectivity. A large bulk of the 2020 5G flagships are expected to be running Qualcomm’s newest silicon.

Moving on, the phone will reportedly feature a quad-camera layout on the back consisting of dual 12MP sensors, a 3D ToF sensor, and either a 48MP or a 64MP primary sensor. The Xperia 2 will also reportedly be IP68 certified water and dust resistant which is in line with the current crop of flagship handsets. We hope to learn more about Sony’s first 5G smartphone over the coming days.

Source: MyDrivers

Via: TechRadar

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