Sonos PlayBar vs PlayBase Best TV Speaker System 2020

TV sound systems have come a long way since its inception. Today, we have smart speakers that assist your expensive TV to output the best sound possible. There are devices like the Sonos PlayBar vs PlayBase, both by Sonos, which is feasible for any TV setting at practically any home. We’re going to have a closer look at both the devices today to help you understand which one is better suited for your home and living room. The company itself will tell you that both systems are practically inseparable in terms of sound performance. However, it must be remembered that the placement of your television also has a massive role to play in picking the right soundbase for your TV at home. Keeping this in mind, we’re going to have a closer look at each offering, helping you determine the overall winner.

Sonos PlayBar vs PlayBase Best TV Speaker System Comparison

Picking the sound system for your home is dependent on the kind of placement you have for your television. One would say that it’s as simple as using the PlayBar for wall mounted televisions or a PlayBase for a television that is resting on a piece of furniture. However, these factors alone don’t determine the unit that you should get for your home. But the general rule mentioned above is mostly right in many cases. So how do the two fare in terms of performance? Let’s have a look.

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Sonos PlayBar vs PlayBase Sound

Well,The PlayBar, however, comes with a slightly lower sound, although it’s very balanced and easy on the ears. One complaint that users have with the PlayBase is that its treble is a little too prominent. This can make for a not so pleasurable experience as it would focus more on the zingy noises of a particular song or movie. This is where one feels that perhaps the PlayBase is a tad bit overpowered. Naturally, this can be rectified with future models, but as it stands, the PlayBase doesn’t have an edge over its sibling.

The PlayBar, however, thanks largely to its subtle and balanced sound, doesn’t have the aforementioned issue with treble. As such, it functions pretty smoothly all throughout, even if it doesn’t offer the base and the loudness of the PlayBase. Now, this is a highly subjective opinion, but if I were picking up either of these for my home, I’d definitely go with the PlayBar, not only because it’s easier on the overall decor, but also for the sound performance it comes with.

Winner: The PlayBar

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Sonos PlayBar vs PlayBase Features

This is an area where the two devices are pretty much the same, albeit with a couple of differences. Both devices come with three connectivity ports – an optical port, an ethernet port, and a power connector. This keeps things relatively simple, making it easy for practically anyone to set it up in their homes. Both devices come with Amazon Alexa support, which significantly enhances its potential thanks to voice guided assistance on board.

The Sonos PlayBar and the PlayBase share the merits, thanks to Sonos’ excellent feature set on board the two devices. The two speakers come with the company’s proprietary Trueplay feature, allowing you to get the best sound from the speakers by cleverly judging the acoustics of your room.

This is what makes Sonos stand apart from the rest of the competition. It’s heartening to know that both devices have the feature, so neither has an unfair advantage in this regard. The PlayBase also comes with onboard controls, allowing you to pause, play, skip, or control the volume directly from the speakers. This feature is moot given that Sonos allows you to control the speakers from your existing remote, as well as its dedicated app. But this is a handy feature nevertheless.

Winner: Both devices share the honors here

Sonos PlayBar vs PlayBase Appearance

While both devices come with an attractive design, it must be noted that the PlayBar is still outdated compared to the PlayBase which was updated recently. Sonos is yet to offer a newer version of the PlayBar, which means customers are only going to find the older model in the markets. But having a wall mounted PlayBar right under the wall mounted TV, gives a much better look to your living room.

However, this doesn’t impact the performance in any way, so it shouldn’t really be a factor in your decision making. The PlayBase has a more robust design, which is a prerequisite given that it’s supposed to hold the weight of an entire television. If we’re going by looks alone, it’s not hard to pick a winner here. Although we strongly suggest users to not go with this metric. Users also get to choose from two colors with the PlayBase – White and Black. The PlayBar, however, is only available in a solitary color.

Winner: The PlayBase

Sonos PlayBar vs PlayBase Pricing

This is an area where there’s barely anything to distinguish between the two. Online retailers are currently selling the PlayBase and the PlayBar for $699, so you don’t have to shell out extra for either device. This is a very good thing, and goes in line with Sonos’ philosophy that both devices are pretty much the same barring the positioning in your living room. However, we find that the PlayBase is a better value for $700 given that it has a louder set of speakers with better bass on board. That being said, you can’t really go wrong with the PlayBar either.

Winner: The PlayBase

Sonos PlayBar vs PlayBase Best TV Speaker System Comparison Conclusion

Considering the fact that the Sonos PlayBase has won multiple rounds here, it’s safe to say that it’s the overall winner. However, with something like sound systems, it’s pretty difficult to pick an overall winner. Yes, the PlayBase edges out the PlayBar in most aspects, but that alone isn’t enough for the customers to make an informed decision. The comparison was based on the facts and the features that were known to us.

However, if I were to offer my personal opinion, I would definitely go with the PlayBar (perhaps because I have a wall mounted television at home). It all comes down to the user’s personal preference really. Given the similarities between the two sound systems, I personally feel there can’t be just one winner. Keeping this in mind, we suggest our readers to check out both systems from stores (if it’s available), and get a better understanding of how it will fit into your living room’s decor. Ultimately, it’s your home, and no one knows it better than you, right? Be sure to check out both products on Amazon to get a better understanding of their appearances.