Solved Samsung Galaxy S8 Not Booting After Custom ROM Installation

The #Samsung #Galaxy #S8 is one of the outstanding premium Android smartphones released last year. Packed with some of the latest technology such as a Snapdragon 835 / Exynos 8895 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 12 MP dual pixel camera just to name a few, the phone is able to provide an excellent Android experience to consumers. Although this is a solid performing phone there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S8 not booting after custom ROM installation issue and other related problems.

S8 Not Booting After Custom ROM Installation

Problem: I was given a Samsung Galaxy S8 for Christmas. It is running through TracFone. (Straight Talk, specifically, but it’s a TracFone SIM Card.) After having it for about 3 months, I made the INCREDIBLY Stupid mistake of attempting to install a custom ROM on it. -It failed. After the poor machine restarted, I got the cursed little “Set Warranty Bit: Kernel” in bright yellow in the top left corner, and won’t boot past that. I’m not a complete noob to this kind of stuff, so I had a relative idea on how to fix it; or at least I thought I did…I’ve tried everything I can think of, and I’ve followed every tutorial I can possibly find. When I attempt to flash the stock ROM from External Storage, It says “Signature Verification Failed”. or something to that effect. Sideloading from ADB Just results in more errors that I can’t begin to understand. I started trying ODIN, and still, no luck. The MD5 fails just about instantly. I installed the proper drivers and everything, as it picks up that the phone is connected properly and such. I put it into download mode, basically did everything right, but still- Just a big red fail. After rebooting the phone, It says to “Select Recovery Mode”. So I downloaded Smart Switch, and I connected it, but it just sits for about 15 minutes, before saying “Connection Failed. Reboot the phone to resolve the issue”. I’m stuck, and like I said, it’s getting really annoying as I’ve been working on this for almost a year now. Do you think you can help me? PS. I apologize for any typos throughout this message, as I’m typing it in a hurry between classes. Thanks in advance

Solution: The best way to proceed in this case is to flash your phone with its stock firmware file. Before doing this you will need to access the recovery mode then perform the steps listed below.

  • Wipe the cache partition of the phone.
  • Do a factory reset. Take note that this will erase your phone data.

Once this is done download the firmware file of your phone from the Sammobile website then flash this to your phone.

Some things to consider when flashing your phone.

  • Make sure to use the latest Odin version.
  • Use a USB cord that is known to work.
  • Make sure that the computer you are using has the latest software updates installed.

If the above steps fails to fix the problem then you will have to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S8 Randomly Changing Phone Settings

Problem: My S8 keeps making certain setting changes on its own. For instance my timeout lock screen keeps changing to 15s even though i put it to 1m. Also my edge panel is frequently turned off on its own. It started happening most recently but i have had such issues for a long time. Another issue that i have is that not all notifications come up. Example i never get notifications from installed games i play even though they are set to “allow notifications” i have had this issue since i bought the phone. Furthermore, i sometimes notice that a song is randomly deleted on its own as i never delete songs and yet sometimes i can’t find a song that i definitely had. One last issue i have is that sometimes my phone randomly gets blue rectangles around each object and stops functioning properly and i am unable to access apps unless i triple tap the home button a couple of times. Thanks in advance for your assistance

Solution: The first thing that you will need to do for this particular case is to check if an app you installed is causing the problem. Start your phone in Safe Mode then check if the problem still occurs in this mode. If it doesn’t then it could be caused by a downloaded app. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

In case the issue still occurs even in Safe Mode then the best thing that you can do right now is to backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S8 Exits From Apps When They Are Opened

Problem:  I am not sure which carrier it is or what this means. My phone has a glitch, when you press on an app or messages it will take you there but within seconds it will go back and in some cases then take you somewhere else without you touching the screen. I did a software update this morning and now the glitch is worse.

Solution: The best thing that you can do right now is to backup your phone data then start the phone in recovery mode. In this mode you should wipe the cache partition of the phone then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete do not install any apps in your phone yet. Try to check first if the issue still occurs. If it does then you will have to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

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