How To Fix Samsung Robot Vacuum Wont Turn On

Lightweight, convenient, smart, and powerful – these are the traits of a Samsung vacuum. They even provide a more innovative option through their robot vacuum. But these very useful features will go to waste once it won’t turn on. 

There are few reasons why a Samsung robot vacuum might not turn on. Let us check them out and see some quick repairs for the issue as you read further.

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Fix Samsung Robot Vacuum Wont Turn On

Check If Emergency Switch Is Turned Off

Your Samsung POWERbot has an emergency power switch located at the bottom part. If it has been turned off, your vacuum will not work. Simply turn the switch on and then touch and hold Start on top of the vacuum until it turns on without using the remote. 

Charge The Robot Vacuum

If the Samsung robot vacuum is not turning on, then it could be due to a low battery or a problem with the remote. To deal with this, charge the POWERbot by placing it on the docking station. Leave the Samsung POWERBot plugged on the docking station longer until the battery indicator starts blinking and that means it is charging. 

Just ensure that the charging pins are aligned and touching on the docking station, and wait five minutes. Then, turn the emergency power switch off and on, and touch and hold Start again.

Clean The Samsung POWERbot

Your robot vacuum could malfunction if it has dirty sensors. To make sure that the sensors are well-maintained and clean, wipe it off with a soft cloth. Also make sure to do it gently and don’t apply excessive force as it could damage the sensors of the vacuum. 

Aside from cleaning the sensor, also check if the brush has excessive debris and hair. These factors could affect its performance and may lead to a power problem. If the brush is dirty, remove it from your Samsung POWERbot and wipe away all debris from the compartment and remove entangled hair from the brush. Then put it back and see if the POWERBot is able to turn on. 

Check The Battery

The POWERbot might not be able to acquire the power it needed to turn on if the wiring connections are damaged, or the battery is not installed properly. To deal with this, check the battery compartment immediately and see if it is installed properly. If you have an old battery, maybe it’s time to replace it with a new one. 

Perform A Power Cycle

Occasionally, if the device is experiencing power glitches, performing a power cycle might do the trick. Perform this method once you have ensured that it is thoroughly cleaned. To do this, simply remove the battery connection for around a minute and then put the battery back into the robot. Turn it on and just wait for a while and see if the device is able to turn on successfully. 

Reset The Samsung Powerbot

If the above solutions did not help, then it is time to remove all the configurations from the unit, as well as the smart system. This is an essential step to ensure that the issue is not caused by a malfunctioning system before contacting Samsung support. 

To reset a Samsung POWERbot to its factory settings, turn the robot upside down and find the emergency power switch. Switch it to 0 position and wait a couple minutes. Turn it back to the I position. The Samsung POWERbot should reboot itself and all settings have been set to their factory values.

Contact Samsung Support

The last thing to do if all solutions presented here are not able to fix the problem is to visit the nearest service center in your area and to request service repair. You can also stay in the loop of Samsung support center through phone call, visit their website and chat with an agent or check them out on their social media support through Facebook Messenger and Twitter. 


  1. How Do You Turn On a Samsung Robot Vacuum?

    The Samsung POWERbot should turn on in just a press of a button. Simply press the Power button on the remote control or press the Start/Stop button on the robotic vacuum cleaner. The main unit's battery level indicator and cleaning mode icons will light up.

  2. How Do You Turn On WiFi on a Samsung Robot Vacuum?

    You will need the Smartthings app installed on your phone to control the WiFi access on your Samsung POWERbot. The app will work on Android 6.0 or higher and iOS 10.0 or later. Before using the app, sign into a Samsung account. You can follow the directions provided by the SmartThings app if you need to set up a Samsung account.

    For Android users, follow the steps below: 
    1. Turn the vacuum on and make sure the Wi-Fi router is connected to the power supply.
    2. Then open the SmartThings app and tap the plus button and select Add device on the home view. 
    3. Select Robot vacuum and Tap the Start button. 
    4. Select your preferred location and room for the robot vacuum and tap Next on the bottom screen. 
    5. Press and hold the Clock button on the remote control until AP appears on the display. It may take some time to connect the device to the Internet. 
    6. Press and hold the Recharge button on the remote control until the robot vacuum makes a beep sound. Make sure the remote control is pointing at the vacuum. 
    7. Enter the Wi-Fi information to connect both of them. Allow the robot vacuum to be registered with your Samsung account. 
    8. The registration is complete. You can now set the name of the robot vacuum. 

    For iOS users, you can follow the steps 1-5 above and then proceed to the next steps:
    1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app and go to Wi-Fi to connect to the network name that starts with robot vacuum or vacuum. The password is 1111122222. (“1” 5 times and “2” 5 times).
    2. Once the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network, run the SmartThings app again.
    3. Press and hold the remote control Recharge button until you hear a beep. Make sure that the remote control is pointed toward the robot vacuum.
    4. Enter the Wi-Fi details to connect the device to the Wi-Fi network and tap the Next. The Wi-Fi information is sent to the vacuum.
    5. Wait until the robot vacuum is registered with your Samsung account. Once the registration is complete, set the name of the robot vacuum.  

  3. Why Does My POWERbot take So Long to Clean a Certain Area or Spot?

    You might have a larger room and could be the reason why it is taking so long to clean a certain area or spot. If that’s the case, switch the POWERbot to Manual mode or Point Cleaning mode to  have it focus on a specific area and use the remote to manually clean the area.

    Some models  have a Spot Clean cycle mode and once it is enabled, it will focus on a specific spot. Always remember not to pick up the POWERbot when it is in the middle of a mode. Doing so will erase the vacuum's navigational map and end the current mode. The vacuum will forget where it has cleaned previously and where the docking station is located.

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