How To Fix Samsung Robot Vacuum Won’t Charge

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Power issues on automated vacuum cleaners, such as the Samsung robot vacuum that won’t charge, do not necessarily mean that it is caused by a serious hardware malfunction that needs to be diagnosed through physical service centers. 

There are cases that it is due to a simple system glitch or due to some sort of dirt or debris that’s blocking the charging terminals on the vacuum cleaner. Before bringing your Samsung robot vacuum cleaner to the nearest service center in your area, try out these simple repair procedures that might fix the issue on the device quickly. 

Fix Samsung Robot Vacuum Won’t Charge

Check The Status of the Charger

If the Samsung robot vacuum cleaner stopped charging in the middle of nowhere, there’s a tendency for this issue to be caused by charging unit failure. First, check the status of the charger by making sure there is no sign of physical damage such as melted, stripped, cut, burnt power cord. 

Also ensure that the power plug is not  bent, damaged or burnt. The best way to check if the charger is working is to connect the docking station with another charger compatible with your Samsung robot vacuum cleaner model. If it is possible, you can also measure its charging voltage to check if the charger is defective or not. 

Check The Charging Station

Dirty or oxidized charging terminal from the docking station may prevent proper electricity transmission due to the poor contact. If that’s the case, clean them using  a dry cloth. Just make sure to turn off the power switch or unplug the device before cleaning the charging pins. 

Also check if the terminals are bent as this would need to be replaced through an authorized service center. You can also check the charging station by electrically testing the device. A power supply or internal component failure may cause a charging problem. 

To electrically check the docking station, connect the charging station to an electrical outlet. Position the multimeter on the direct current voltmeter and place the test tips on the terminals. A good voltage means the station is not faulty, but if it shows zero value or less than indicated on it, then it is responsible for the charging problem on your Samsung robot vacuum cleaner. It needs to be replaced if that’s the situation. 

Check The Samsung Robot Vacuum Settings

Samsung robot vacuums, that includes Samsung Powerbot, Navibot or Jet bot robot vacuum cleaners, have some important settings that need to be checked if it encounters issues such as the vacuum not charging. 

The first thing to check is the emergency switch on the Samsung vacuum. The emergency switch (I/0) is located on the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner. It needs to be switched on as it will not charge even if it is connected to the charger with a working outlet. 

Next is to check the charging pins if they are aligned with the docking station. Since the robot vacuums won’t be able to position correctly on the charging unit and then they won’t be able to charge. 

It is also important that you regularly clean your robot vacuum, such as the cell, dust container, or filter. If it is possible, you can also clean the inside of the vacuum. However, if it is still under warranty, never dismantle it by yourself as it could void the warranty. Better have it clean through an authorized Samsung repair or service center. 

If the remote control does not work, replace the batteries using type AAA. If you are going abroad or you can’t use the Samsung POWERbot, Navibot or Jet bot robot vacuum cleaners for a long period of time, turn off the emergency switch of the POWERbot and unplug the charger. 

Always make sure that the charging dock is plugged and always turn the power of the charger unit on. Use a power supply that is 100 V-220 V ~ or higher. Try to manually place the device and see if it charges. If charging manually works, make sure that the docking station is not in a dark area and check that it is easily accessible for the robot so that it can automatically charge. 

Check The Battery

After making sure that the switch on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner is turned on, check the battery of your Samsung robot vacuum cleaner. Batteries are degradable parts of your vacuum, and just like any devices, the battery might not be able to hold a charge. Battery failure will also result in charging light that comes on but never goes out or a vacuum cleaner that comes on but goes out by itself after a few minutes.  

You can only test the battery if your vacuum is not under warranty and if you have some electrical knowledge or experiences. To check the battery, leave the vacuum plugged into an electrical outlet for a long time. If you feel that the battery is fully charged, remove the Samsung robot vacuum from the docking station. 

Remove the screws and the cover to access the battery. Remove the batteries from the vacuum and measure the voltage across it. A faulty battery would usually measure at zero voltage or less than that indicated on the battery. If that’s the case, replace it with a new and original battery for Samsung POWERbot, Navibot or Jet bot robot vacuum cleaners.

If the voltage on the battery is still good, put it back in the vacuum cleaner, close the cover and start the device. Monitor the vacuum if  it holds a charge for less time than it should. If so, that means the battery is faulty and will also need to replace it. 

Contact Samsung Service Center

If your Samsung POWERbot, Navibot or Jet bot robot vacuum cleaners will still not charge after trying those troubleshooting tips, your next step is to contact the nearest Samsung service center in your area. If it is still under their warranty, you may also stay in the loop with their  Samsung after-sales service.

They also have support channels through Facebook Messenger and Twitter which is a more flexible way to get more troubleshooting steps before going into their physical service center. 


  1. Why Does My Samsung Robot Vacuum Won't Charge?

    The charging process of your Samsung POWERbot, Navibot or Jet bot robot vacuum cleaners are almost the same as any other devices and pretty self explanatory. The power coming from the electrical outlet that goes into the docking station gets stored in the battery of your vacuum that allows it to operate without a power cord trailing behind it.

    If your vacuum does not charge, the most common reason is that it is not connected properly. Make sure that you have checked for any possible blockage and that the connectors are aligned correctly. 

  2. How Do You Manually Charge a Samsung Robot Vacuum?

    If you want to manually charge the robot vacuum, lift up the vacuum and then place it on the charger. Make sure that the charging pins on the device and charger are aligned and then press the Start button for about 3 seconds.

  3. How Long Does it Take to Charge a Samsung Robot Vacuum?

    Samsung POWERbot, Navibot or Jet bot robot vacuum cleaners have charging time of around 60 minutes if in Normal Mode and about 30 minutes if they’re in Turbo (Max) Mode.

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