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How to fix Samsung Galaxy Watch that won’t turn on

By Harold | November 7, 2019

First off, if possible, do not let your Samsung Galaxy Watch drain its battery completely as that’s the most common cause that the device would no longer turn on or respond even if it’s connected to the charger. I’ve read a lot of complaints from online forums about this problem and only a few knew

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Watch that won’t update

By Harold | November 5, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Watch should properly be updated once Samsung rolls out firmware updates. I cannot stress enough how important those updates are that’s why it’s recommended to get the firmware updated as soon as the new version becomes available. There are however users who complained that their watches won’t download or install the new

Samsung Galaxy Watch Wake-up Gesture not working

By Harold | November 5, 2019

The wake-up gesture of your Samsung Galaxy Watch which turns the display when you raise your arm, depends on the gyro sensor, although the firmware also plays a hand in making it work. Some users reported that the wake-up gesture is no longer working on their watches. Such problem could be due to a minor

Samsung Galaxy Watch not receiving notifications from phone anymore

By Harold | November 4, 2019

Another common issue with the Samsung Galaxy Watch is that it can no longer receive notifications from the phone it’s connected with. Some owners reported that this very feature stopped working just after a few days of use. Samsung hasn’t released any statement about this problem so while it’s common, it might not be an

What to do with your Samsung Galaxy Watch that won’t charge

By Harold | November 3, 2019

Troubleshooting a Samsung Galaxy Watch that won’t charge is very simple but making it charge again, depending on how serious the problem is, may be difficult. Assuming there are no signs of physical damage, you don’t need to be so concerned about it as you may be able to fix it on your own. Liquid

Samsung Galaxy Watch not syncing properly with phone

By Harold | November 2, 2019

While Samsung Galaxy Watch is a standalone device which you can use without any other device, there are features you can enjoy to the fullest if it’s connected to a smartphone much more if it’s connected to another Samsung phone. Some users however complained that their Watch doesn’t sync properly with phone with some data