⚡🔌 Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored to Have 65W Faster Charging Thanks to New Battery Tech ⏱️

Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra could feature significantly faster charging speeds thanks to a new battery technology, according to recent leaks.

What is a Stacked Battery Design?

The leaks suggest Samsung is developing stacked batteries, similar to what is used in electric vehicles. Stacked batteries have electrodes stacked vertically rather than wound horizontally like in typical smartphone batteries.

This design brings advantages like increased energy density, better thermal performance, and lower internal resistance. Lower resistance allows the battery to handle higher charging power without overheating.

Faster 65W Charging Expected

With the new stacked battery design, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to support 65W wired charging speeds. That would be a sizable upgrade from the 45W maximum on current Galaxy flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

While 65W charging has been available on some Android phones for years now, it would still mark a major step forward for Samsung. The company has lagged behind rivals in fast charging even as Chinese brands push speeds up to 200W.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra may also get a cooling gel to keep the battery stable during the faster charging. However, the lower-end Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus models likely won’t get the stacked battery tech due to limited production capacity.

Catching Up with Rivals

In the Android space, Samsung’s charging speeds have fallen well behind competitors lately. Phones like the OnePlus 10 Pro and iQOO 9 Pro supported 65W charging back in early 2022.

So the Galaxy S24 Ultra adopting 65W charging would help Samsung catch up and offer a more competitive charging experience. The expected 5000 mAh battery combined with the efficiency of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 should also result in excellent battery life.

While details are still rumors for now, the leaked 65W charging upgrade shows Samsung is taking fast charging more seriously. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may not have the craziest speeds but should be a substantial improvement for owners when it likely launches early next year.

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