Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Back and Menu Button Not Responding

One Android Smartphone user shared to us the problem that he is encountering. According to him, the issue involves the Galaxy Note 2 Back and Menu buttons not responding. He stated that before the problem happened, the LCD of his phone got cracked so he had it replaced.

Although there was no mention how his display was damaged, we could only assume that a strong impact caused by deliberate or accidental dropping of the phone might have been the cause.

A couple of days after replacing the LCD of his device, he noticed that the Galaxy Note 2 Back and Menu buttons have become unresponsive.

The Possible Causes of the Galaxy Note 2 Back and Menu Button Not Responding and its Solutions

Unfortunately, the problem is most probably connected with the impact that cracked the LCD of the phone. It is likely that the sensors located in the area of the Back and Menu buttons have been damaged too. If this is the case, it is strongly advised to have the phone looked at by a technician who specializes in the hardware of the Galaxy Note 2.

A temporary remedy for the hardware problem if you have no way to reach a technician right away is by performing a Soft Reset, which can be done by holding the Power/Lock button until the phone reboots. You can also detach and reattach the battery again to reset the phone. However, these methods will only provide temporary solution to your problem. In addition, these methods will only work if the hardware problem is not that serious yet.

If you suspect that the problem is only software-related, a Factory Reset will probably do the trick. But, then again, looking at the details provided to us by the sender, our best bet is a hardware problem.

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