Samsung Galaxy A8 will be available soon at Vodafone UK

The recently released Samsung Galaxy A8 became available in the UK back in January 2018.  If you are not familiar with the A series Galaxy phones from Samsung, it is basically a mini version of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which definitely makes it more appealing just with the comparison alone.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is expected to be priced in the £480 range.  It it not cheap, but you do you get a premium phone for cheaper than the Galaxy S9.  The A8 has a 5.6 inch FHD+ display screen, 300 mAh battery, 32GB storage.  It is powered by the Exynos 7785 chip with a sufficient 4GB of RAM.  Like most of the newer Samsung phones, this phone is IP68 rated waterproof phone.

More details will be available soon for the Vodafone UK version of the Samsung Galaxy A8, so if you are a Vodafone UK customer and is currently in the market for an affordable premium phone, then stay tuned for the release of the Samsung Galaxy A8.

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