Roav Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Charger For Car [Amazon Deal]

31Ei4Yqyj+L. SL500ROAVRoav SmartCharge F0, by Anker, Wireless Bluetooth FM TransmitterCheck Price on Amazon

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The Roav SmartChargeF0 by Anker is a multipurpose car charger that also allows you to transmit audio to your car via FM frequency. It’s a great device for your car if your car does not have bluetooth receiving capability, in that case, this would be the best way to transmit streaming music or podcast from your phone to your car’s speakers.

The FM transmitter works by following these steps:

  1. Turn on bluetooth on your phone and connect to this Roav device
  2. Select a FM frequency on this Roav device which you want it to transmit from (i.e. 88.9 or 107.9), you must select a frequency which is not used by a local radio station to avoid static connection.
  3. Then simply tune to the FM frequency you selected on your car radio, you should be able to listen to the audio on your phone, much like you would with a bluetooth headset.

The device also makes a great car charger, which comes with two USB charging ports, both charges at 2.4 amp output, which makes charging your phone that much faster.


  • Try using coupon code ROAVFB44 at check out, which saves an additional $4.99.  (While deal lasts, seller may end the promotion at anytime, coupons are typically limited to one per account.)
  • As of time of this writing, Amazon also offers a $2.00 coupon as checkout.  You simply have to check the orange “Coupon” box just below the price to apply this coupon.  (note it’s highly unlikely you can apply both deals, so choose one or the other).

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