ReVanced: The Android App That Puts YouTube Premium to Shame

In a recent online forum post, an iPhone user expressed deep frustration after switching from Android, only to discover that YouTube Premium on iOS failed to meet their expectations. The post quickly gained traction, amassing over 1.9K upvotes and sparking a lively discussion among Android enthusiasts.


The original poster’s main complaint centered around the lack of key features on YouTube Premium for iPhone that were readily available in ReVanced, a popular modded YouTube app for Android.

They highlighted issues such as restrictions on mini-player playback for kid-friendly content, the inability to block Shorts, and the presence of unnecessary elements like community posts.

Additionally, the absence of SponsorBlock, a feature that allows users to skip sponsored segments within videos, was a major point of contention.

Many users in the thread echoed similar sentiments, passionately advocating for Android’s superiority over iOS. The conversation delved into the benefits of Android’s flexibility, particularly the ease of sideloading modded apps and downloading content directly from the web.

Users also discussed the challenges of being an Android user in an Apple-dominant family, citing difficulties with group messaging and the inability to use FaceTime.

The thread also touched on regional differences in messaging app preferences, with WhatsApp being more prevalent in countries outside the United States.

Some American users expressed frustration with the widespread use of iMessage, which often results in reduced media quality when communicating with Android users.

While some commenters suggested alternative modded YouTube apps for iOS, such as uYouPlus and Cercube, the general consensus was that the Android ecosystem offers unparalleled convenience and customization options.

Many users emphasized the value of having control over their device and the ability to tailor their app experiences to their specific needs.

One commenter succinctly summed up the sentiment, stating, “Revanced is made by people for people. yt premium is made by company to milk people. Certainly there is a difference…”

Another user passionately declared, “Android is life, is like the matrix when take the pill you see the reality. The mass buy apple fos status symbol such as designer clothing. Android is so mature nowadays. There’s no any advantage to use IOS, android demands a little bit more time navigate in all features, but once you do that, you are free. Freedom, peace is priceless in life.”

The thread also highlighted the impressive work of independent developers who create modded apps like ReVanced. As one user pointed out, “It’s funny how a small group of coders working in their spare time can deliver a better experience for free than Google is willing to give you for a monthly fee.”

Ultimately, the discussion underscored the stark differences between the Android and iOS ecosystems, with many users adamantly preferring Android’s flexibility and customization options.

The limitations of YouTube Premium on iOS, juxtaposed with the feature-rich ReVanced app on Android, left some iPhone users questioning their choice of platform. As the original poster eloquently put it, “Enthusiasm achieves something greater than what money can buy.”

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