Razer Phone to soon get upgraded with Android Pie

Phones from manufacturers that aren’t knee-deep in the mobile industry have never done well as far as software updates go. And that goes for the Razor Phone as well, which hasn’t been updated since July of 2018. But now, it looks like the original Razor Phone is due for a pretty big upgrade.

Razer actually officially announced that the phone would be getting the upgrade on its own forum over on Reddit. They actually said that the phone is due to get the Android Pie upgrade within just the next couple of weeks.

After this, we don’t expect it get much of any support at all, largely because the Razer Phone 2 is now out, and that’s where Razer is putting its resources right now. That said, we’d like to see some more support as far security upgrades go, but we have our doubts that we’ll even see that at this point.

source: Reddit

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