How to Put Unused Apps to Sleep on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

This post will teach you how to put unused apps to sleep on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Keep reading for more detailed instructions.

Apps that are left idle or open but not used on your device are still running in the background and thus, they’re still using a certain amount of power. To save or extend battery life, putting these apps to sleep is recommended.

Putting an app to sleep will prevent the app from utilizing power and thereby reduces power consumption on your device.

If you’re wondering how to get this done on your Galaxy Tab S6, I’ve mapped out a straightforward walkthrough of the entire process.

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Easy Steps to Put Unused Apps to Sleep on your Galaxy Tab S6

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The following steps will let you access the Galaxy Tab S6 apps power management menu where you can put apps to sleeping or deep sleeping mode. Visual representations or screenshots depicting every step are also provided for easier navigation.

  1. To get started, get to the Home screen and then swipe up from the bottom to access the Apps viewer.

    The Apps viewer is where you can find shortcut icons to pre-installed and downloaded applications.put unused apps to sleep tab s6 - apps screen

  2. To continue, locate then tap the Settings icon.

    Doing so will launch another screen with the main features and options to manage.put unused apps to sleep tab s6 - settings

  3. Scroll down to view more items. Then, tap Device care.

    On the Device care menu, you will see the summarized information on battery usage, storage, memory and security details.put unused apps to sleep tab s6 - device care

  4. Tap Battery to proceed.

    The Battery menu opens with a list of relevant options and features.put unused apps to sleep tab s6 - battery

  5. Navigate to the bottom section and then tap App power management.

    On the next screen you will see a list of commands that are used to manage power usage by individual apps on your device.put unused apps to sleep tab s6 - app power management

  6. Under the Advanced section, tap to enable the switch next to Put unused apps to sleep.

    Doing so will prompt your device to put any unused apps or background apps to sleep and stop utilizing the battery.put unused apps to sleep tab s6 - turn on switch

  7. To view all sleeping apps on your device, tap Sleeping apps.

    The next screen opens with a list of apps that are currently put to sleep mode.On the same screen, you can also add new apps to put to sleep.Just tap the Add apps option at the bottom of the list and then select the apps that you’d like to add.put unused apps to sleep tab s6 - sleeping apps

  8. To view apps that are put to deep sleeping mode, tap Deep sleeping apps from the App power management menu.

    The next window opens with a list of apps that are currently put in deep sleeping mode.Again, you can Add new apps to put in the same state using the Add apps option and then tap to select the apps that you’d like to put in deep sleeping mode.put unused apps to sleep tab s6 - deep sleeping

  9. You can also remove any existing apps from the list, if necessary. Just tap the trash icon located on the upper-rightmost corner of the display, select the app that you’d like to remove and then tap Remove at the bottom to confirm action.

    The selected app will then be removed from the list.put unused apps to sleep tab s6 - remove app

  • Android 10
  • Galaxy Tab S6

The last app power management option will allow you to create a list of Apps that won’t be put to sleep. Just tap on it to access a new window where you can add your preferred apps.

Putting an app to sleep may also come in handy when dealing with random to frequent app crashes or any other relevant issues that could hamper the performance of your device.

Apps that are put to sleep are inactive until you manually launch or open them again. 

Furthermore, putting apps to sleep can likewise be deemed among other effective battery-saving tips.

To view more comprehensive tutorials and troubleshooting videos on different mobile devices, feel free to visit The Droid Guy channel on YouTube anytime.

Hope this helps!


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