How To Fix PS4 Error CE-34788-0 Issue Quick and Easy Fix

The PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming console that was first released in 2013. The latest version of this console is the PS4 Pro which is capable of playing the latest games in 4K resolution at faster frame rates. Although this is a solid device there are instances when some issues can occur which can become quite annoying. One such issue, which we will be troubleshooting today, is the PS4 error CE-34788-0 problem.

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How To Fix PS4 Error CE-34788-0 Issue

Before performing the recommended troubleshooting steps for this particular problem, it’s best to restart your PS4 console first so as to refresh the system. This fixes most of the common issues caused by a software glitch.
You will usually get this error message right after you downloaded a software update. The error message usually reads: 
This update file cannot be used
The update file on your USB device cannot be used.  To install an update file from USB, please make sure that you’re using the correct update type:
For a standard update you’ll need the latest version of the System Software which can be downloaded from
One of the main reasons for this error is usually a corrupted update file. To fix this problem you should follow the steps listed below.

  1. Perform a hard reset.

    A hard reset will usually fix this problem. Here's how it's done:
    -Tap and hold the POWER button of the PS4 until it shuts down completely.
    Unplug the power plug from the back of the PS4.
    -Press and hold the POWER button on the PS4 for a minute to discharge any remaining power from the system.
    -Plug in the power supply back and wait for the light located on the power brick to change its color from white to orange.
    -Turn the PS4 back on as you would do normally.
    -Check if the PS4 Error CE-34788-0 issue still occurs.

  2. Install the latest update manually.

    Since this problem is caused by a faulty software update then the best way to fix this is to manually reinstall the update. Take note that you will lose your personal data stored in the device if you perform this action which is why you should first backup your data.
    -Use a USB storage device formatted to either FAT or exFAT.  Insert this device into the USB port.
    -From the function screen on your PS4, select Settings and navigate to System > Back up and Restore. Choose the Back Up PS4 option from the new screen.
    -Press X on the controller to add a checkmark in the Applications saving section.
    -Your PS4 will now restart and transfer all the data you have stored.

    Once the backup process has finished, you can then proceed to manually updating your PS4's software. If you haven't tried this procedure before, visit this page so we can walk you through how it's done:

    Once you've manually updated the PS4, check if the error CE-34788-0 issue still occurs.

Restore your PS4 backup data

Once the problem has been fixed you can proceed with restoring your backup data. here’s how:

  1. Connect the USB stick you used to back up the game files to the system.
  2. From the functions screen at the PlayStation 4 home menu, select Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data on USB Storage Device > Download to System Storage. Select a title.
  3. Press X on the controller to add a checkmark in the checkbox for the saved data you want to copy, and then choose Copy. 

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