Pixel 8 Pro Leak Shows Off Powerful AI Magic Audio Eraser Feature

An anonymous leaker has shared a short promo video revealing an incredible new AI-powered ‘Audio Magic Eraser’ feature rumored to debut on the upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, slated to launch in October 2023.

AI Tech Can Remove Any Background Noise with a Click

The 14-second video posted on X (formerly Twitter) provides a sneak peek at the Audio Magic Eraser tool that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to give users unprecedented ability to erase unwanted sounds from video recordings.

Similar to the photo editing Magic Eraser on previous Pixel devices, the new audio version analyzes the sound frequencies in a video clip and allows the user to simply click on the spectrogram to remove any ambient noise, voices, music or other audio contaminants.

Slider Controls Give Precision Over Amount of Background Noise Removed

The demo video shows a skateboarder shouting enthusiastically as the wheels clatter loudly in the background. After applying the Audio Magic Eraser, the software seamlessly lifts out the distracting wheel sounds while perfectly preserving the voice audio.

The editor features adjustable slider controls for ‘Noise’, ‘People’ and ‘Music’ that give users precision over exactly how much of each background sound gets subtracted out. This surgically accurate audio separation promises to be a game changer for video editors and content creators.

Feature Seen as Pixel 8 Pro Exclusive, at Least Initially

While no official launch date has been set, rumors suggest the Google Pixel 8 Pro could debut as soon as October 2023, likely starting around $899.

The video specifically markets Audio Magic Eraser as ‘only available on the Google Pixel 8 Pro’, indicating it may launch as an exclusive feature to drive sales of the premium device model before potentially expanding later to the regular Pixel 8 and other Google smartphones.

Additionally, a new light blue color for the Pixel 8 Pro makes a brief appearance at the end of the promo video, providing consumers with an attractive new colorway option.

AI Continues to Revolutionize Creative Workflows

This leaked sneak peek illustrates how artificial intelligence will open new creative possibilities for smartphone photography and videography. Building on the runaway success of Magic Eraser for images, Audio Magic Eraser promises to be an exceptionally valuable tool for mobile content creators, journalists, vloggers and other visual storytellers.

While the technology raises some ethical concerns around deepfake-style media manipulation, if applied judiciously the AI-enabled audio editing could help creators achieve pristine results without costly studio post-production. For now, the Pixel 8 Pro looks set to deliver the most advanced on-device mobile media magic ever seen.

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