OnePlus 7 Release Date, Price, News And Rumors

OnePlus just launched the OnePlus 6T a couple of months ago, still running with their “Never Settle” slogan. It launched with all of the latest and greatest hardware inside, actually giving many of the big name smartphones a run for their money in terms of performance. Some of that might have to do with OnePlus’ clean user interface that they equip their phones with, too.

That said, it’s an awesome experience that many folks are in love with, especially with OnePlus’ commitment to keeping prices cheap, and not gouging them like other big names are. That said, folks want to know whats next for OnePlus — what is their next phone going to look like?

Finding that information can be a little more on the difficult side, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide — to show you all of the rumors and information floating around for the OnePlus 7. So if you’re curious about OnePlus’ new smartphone, follow along below, and we’ll offer you the details that you need to know!

OnePlus 7 Release Date

A release date could be really interesting, simply because their are so many different possibilities for the new OnePlus 7. This is because we could actually be looking at a couple of phone releases.

For example, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T. They launched in May and November, respectively. That said, if we saw similar devices this year, we could see a OnePlus 7 as early as May, and a OnePlus 7T in November. We don’t necessarily think OnePlus is going to change its release schedule, as sales performance for OnePlus phones actually continues to be really good.

OnePlus in a press release said this:

“OnePlus is a global mobile technology company challenging conventional concepts of technology. Created around the “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with the premium build quality and high-performance hardware focused around user experience. OnePlus thrives on cultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users and fans.”

That said, we really think that OnePlus is going to continue its phone cycle with the OnePlus 7 in May, continuing to “challenge conventional concepts of technology.”

There’s been few rumors around it, but there’s the possibility that we’ll also see a “Mini” launching alongside either the OnePlus 7 or the OnePlus 7T. This is because the OnePlus 6T is competing well with major smartphones like the Galaxy S10 and the iPhone XS; however, some of Samsung and Apple’s most popular phones have been “Mini” versions of their flagship devices, which sit at prices cheaper than many of OnePlus’ current devices.

That said, we could easily see a OnePlus 7 “Mini” of some sort that looks to challenge those “conventional concepts of technology” at the level that these Mini flagship phones are operating on. We don’t expect that something like this would have its own release date during the year, instead launching alongside of one of OnePlus’ phones already.

OnePlus 7 Design

OnePlus’ main smartphone is usually what sets the new design for the year. That said, we’re expecting the OnePlus 7 to come with at least a few design modifications. One of those modifications that we’re expecting is an all-screen design, with no bezels. Most smartphones are coming with this new design today, and so, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see OnePlus to change up their next phone this way.

You can see some early renders of what the phone could look like int he video below:

YouTube video

As you can see in the video, it has that all-screen design in the render, and then also a protruding camera. This phone will easily be one of the best on the market when it launches, giving the Galaxy S10 and other big flagship phones a run for their money.

OnePlus 7 Hardware

In December, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 6T with some insane hardware — there was a whole 10GB of RAM inside, as well as all of the latest hardware on the market right now. That said, there are some slight improvements that we could expect to see inside of the OnePlus 7 this May.

First, we could see OnePlus 7 fit the Snapdragon 855 inside of the smartphone. We might see them try to fit some more RAM inside as well, even though 10GB is already a lot. There will probably be a slightly larger battery to accommodate some of the improved hardware inside.

We’ll likely see an improvement to the screen as well, as most phone manufacturers seem to at least upgrade it in some way every year, even if it’s something as simple as reducing the bezel or increasing the size of the screen as a whole.

There’s one thing that we know we won’t be seeing in the OnePlus 7, and that’ll be wireless charging. Yes, that’s right — you, for sure, will not see any Qi wireless charging in the OnePlus 7. This could be because of a comment that Lau made at MWC this year. “OnePlus charging is one of the best,” Lau said in an interview at MWC. He went on to say that “Wireless charging is far inferior,” with it charging slower, and not having any sort of fast charging technology like charging by wire does.

That said, one of the key features that consumers want to see in the next OnePlus device is wireless charging, but Lau certainly killed those dreams this time around. However, it could be something that we could see next year or even the year after.

Wireless charging has always been slow. There have been many wireless chargers on the market that claim to feature things like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, when they don’t actually. Now, things may be changing — Qualcomm is helping changed the Qualcomm-certified compliance programs to now encompass wireless chargers. Here’s the official word from Qualcomm:

“In response to these issues, Qualcomm Technologies has expanded its compliancy program to include wireless charging pads powered by Quick Charge technology. This expansion includes forward and backward compatibility and helps enable high- and efficient- power transfer, for transmitter manufacturers to achieve truly fast wireless charging. Wireless charging pads powered by Quick Charge will work with the same Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, 4 and 4+ adapters that millions of users already have at home, work, and elsewhere. UL, a global safety science company and the first to administer the existing Quick Charge compliancy program, will expand testing to include Quick Charge for wireless power. Qualcomm Technologies is also welcoming the first component vendor to the Quick Charge for wireless power program, Weltrend Semiconductor.”

That said, wireless charging certainly isn’t permanently out of the question for the OnePlus 7, but it may be something that we see in the OnePlus 7T later this year, or in another phone that’s further down the road.

OnePlus 7 Price

Like we mentioned, we don’t have a whole lot of details on the OnePlus 7 and when it’ll launch, nor do we really know what the pricing for the smartphone is going to look like. That said, there are rumors floating around in regards to price — a person that works for OnePlus allegedly told Fudzilla that the phone could start out at around $649, not including tax.

That would make it notably expensive than what OnePlus is rolling with right now — the OnePlus 6T actually starts out at $549. But still, even at $649, the OnePlus 7 would still be $100 cheaper than the cheapest major smartphone that you can buy right now — the regular sized iPhone. However, with all of the “Mini” variants of smartphones, we wonder if OnePlus could release its own “miniature” smartphone, and price it even more competitively. That’s all just rumors and things that we would like to see, though!

Should you buy a OnePlus 6T now?

So, should you pick up a OnePlus 6T with the OnePlus 7 right around the corner? We don’t think there will be major differences between the smartphones, but so it wouldn’t hurt, however there are definitely a couple of reasons as to why you should hold off and wait for the OnePlus7:

A bigger screen: One of the things that the OnePlus 7 will most definitely have is a bigger screen. If a big, beautiful screen is important to you, it’s worth waiting for the OnePlus 7. With more real estate and higher resolution, you’ll be able to watch media and movies like you never have before. Some leaks and rumors are talking about it being 6.5-inches in size, which puts it at around the size of a Galaxy Note device.

More RAM: While it might immediately seem excessive, the OnePlus 7 could very well see the RAM sitting at 10-12GB. That’s the most we’d ever see in a consumer-ready smartphone, and while it might seem unnecessary, it will allow you to do more multitasking, and even have multiple apps open in different windows at the same time. That will make the OnePlus 7 an excellent choice for work.

Battery: Battery life is rumored to be really good in the OnePlus 7 as well. It is supposed to have a 4,150mAh battery inside there, which should last you all day long, with some heavy media use during the day as well. There are few phones out there that have 4,150mAh inside today, and so, the OnePlus 7 would be one of the first. That said, if you’re a phone power user, you might want to hold out for a phone that has all day battery life like this. Use your phone as much as you want, and still get excellent length out of it.

Other software features:  OnePlus is known for putting some unique software features in their phones, helping increase things like screen performance, battery life, and other unique things. That said, we’re expecting OnePlus to also announce some new features and additions to the OxygenOS software that its OnePlus devices run off, bringing unique and fun features to the table that sets it apart from the other devices on the market.

Carl Pei, the company’s co-founder, actually had a lot of hints to drop regarding the OnePlus 7. He said it’s going to be packed with a lot of new technologies, so we do have some big hopes for this phone. One of those new technologies, which could contribute to a price increase, is 5G technology.

Depending on the status of 5G networks, the OnePlus 7 could easily be one of the quickest phones on the market, at least as far as network speeds go.

So is it worth holding out for the OnePlus 7 over the OnePlus 6T now? The answer is a resounding yes, if you can. The OnePlus 7 is going to be bigger, better, and faster. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, the OnePlus 7 is worth waiting for, especially since it’s likely not long out.

As we mentioned earlier, the OnePlus 7 could see a late April or May launch, and with it being early April at the time of this writing, a launch really isn’t that far out. That said, we recommend holding out for the new smartphone, if you can!


As you can see, there are a lot of rumors surrounding the new OnePlus 7, and possibly even a miniature version of the phone. That said, we haven’t actually heard any official word on the smartphone from OnePlus itself. And there’s probably a fairly big reason for this — the OnePlus 6T was just announced in October, and then launched in November of 2018. Ultimately, the phone isn’t that new, so we could potentially be waiting a long while for a new addition in the OnePlus realm.

We’re a real big fan of the phones that OnePlus has to offer — the work they’re doing over there is extremely unique, offering smartphones with top end hardware at a much lower price point than many modern flagships on the market right now. That’s reason alone to be excited for the new OnePlus 7!

Do you have anything specific that you’d like to see in the new OnePlus 7? Let us know in the comments section below — we’d love to hear what our readers are looking forward to the most in the OnePlus 7.

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