Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus advertisement aired by Norwegian TV station ahead of the launch

A TV station in Norway mistakenly aired the official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus advertisement, which highlights the new features the flagship will sport, according to TV 2 media manager Jan-Petter Dahl said that they were the ones who made the mistake and ran the ad too early. Was it, really? Whatever the case is, the ad revealed the things that make the Galaxy S10 one of the best smartphones this year. They are as follows:

  • Infinity display, which uses the company’s new innovation Infinity-O to accommodate front cameras without using the notch that Apple started last year.
  • Ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner. It doesn’t use the technology used by other smartphones today wherein your fingerprints are being photographed by a screen reader.
  • 5 cameras (2 in front, 3 at the back). In the case of the Galaxy S10, there will only be 4.
  • Reverse wireless charging, which allows you to share power with other devices capable of wireless charging.
  • Galaxy Buds. Apparently, if you pre-order the device after it’s launched, you will get a pair for free.

Mistake or not, the ad actually confirmed the rumors that have been floating around for so long.



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