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New iPhone 15 Pro Max Plagued by Overheating Disaster

Apple’s latest iPhone release, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is being plagued by overheating issues according to several users. The high-end phone seems to get extremely hot, especially during phone calls.

Widespread Overheating Reports

Numerous iPhone 15 Pro Max owners have reported overheating problems across internet forums and social media. The issue appears to be widespread, with users across different models, colors, and carriers affected.

The primary trigger for the overheating seems to be phone calls. Even short 5-10 minute calls can make the device too hot to hold up to the ear. However, some users have also reported overheating during normal usage like web browsing.

Extreme Temperatures Reported

Based on user reports, the iPhone 15 Pro Max can reach temperatures as high as 117°F (47°C) after just 20 minutes of phone calls. Several users have measured the temperature using IR thermometers.

iphone 15 pro max overheating after call scaled
Reddit user u/refused9150 reporting overheating after call

One Reddit user measured 108°F (42°C) after a 5 minute call. The temperature continued climbing to 117.5°F (47.5°C) after 20 minutes of calling.

Spicy Pillow Swollen Battery

Another example of battery issue came out recently showing the overheating issue caused the battery to swell. We’re not sure if this is a hardware issue or a iOS 17 issue.

swollen battery iphone 15 jpg

Impacts on Battery Life and Performance

The severe overheating appears to take a toll on battery life and performance. Many affected users have reported rapid battery drain and slowdowns while the phone is hot.

After a 1.5 hour phone call, one user lost 43% of battery life as the phone became too hot to hold. The high temperatures are likely triggering the iPhone’s thermal throttling safeguards.

User Reactions and Mocking

iphone cooking jpg

The overheating issues have spawned amused reactions from users, often mocking Apple and CEO Tim Cook. Several comments quipped about the iPhone “cooking” and “letting Tim cook.”

One Reddit user joked: “call me tim the way my iphone cooks.” Another said: “The back of the phones have looked like a stovetop for years, about time they leaned into that vibe.”

iphone cooking 2 jpg

While meant in jest, the mocking highlights growing frustration over potential quality issues in Apple’s premium priced devices.

Possible Explanations

The exact cause of the pervasive overheating remains unclear. It could simply be a quality control and manufacturing defect in a subset of units. However, many speculate it is related to the new A17 Bionic chip or iOS software issues.

Apple has not officially acknowledged the overheating problems yet. But they will likely investigate the root cause based on the widespread complaints. Software updates or recalls may be required if it is determined to be a systematic hardware or software flaw.

What Users Should Do

For now, affected users should take their iPhone 15 Pro Max to Apple for inspection and replacement. The overheating appears to be an isolated defect and not indicative of all iPhone 15 models. Users with properly functioning units should not be concerned. But the situation underscores the risks of being an early adopter for newly released technology.

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