9 Most Expensive Wireless Earbuds in 2024

Wireless earbuds have come a long way over the past few years. Today, one can find wireless headphones in almost every price range. However, if you’re looking for the best sound quality and performance, it goes without saying that you have to pay a steeper price. With this in mind, we’re going to discuss some of the most expensive wireless earbuds you can get right now.

At A Glance: Expensive Wireless Earbuds

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Besides offering you the best hardware combination, expensive earbuds also come with extensive warranties, something that you may have to forego with some of the cheaper earbuds. However, it’s also important to know that simply having a steep retail price tag doesn’t make a pair of earbuds great. There are several other factors at play here that can make things somewhat confusing for those not acquainted with headphones and the technology behind them.

While you will find some of the most common expensive earbuds on this list, we will also talk about a few underrated offerings that offer high-end sound quality. Simply put, there’s something for everyone here, both in terms of features like noise cancellation and frequency ranges and the drivers onboard.

If you’re lucky, you may find a few deals on the earbuds helping you save a significant chunk on the price tag. So, let’s take a look.

Most Expensive Wireless Earbuds


1. Apple AirPods Pro

Undoubtedly one of the best true wireless earbuds available today, the Apple AirPods Pro has garnered a massive reputation since its release in November 2019. In terms of hardware, the AirPods Pro comes with the custom Apple H1 chip that enables seamless control with compatible devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.). Noise cancelling tech is included here well, coupled with Transparency Mode.

Given that this is Apple’s first in-ear AirPods model, sound quality is significantly improved over standard AirPods. The company mentions that these wireless earbuds are sweat and water-resistant. The presence of features like Adaptive EQ allows the AirPods Pro to automatically tunes the music to the shape of your ear canal.

Compatibility is extremely seamless with iOS devices, while basic functionality can be accessed by Android users. As for battery life, a fully charged AirPods charging case allows the AirPods Pro to run for up to 24 hours, while the earbuds can last for up to 4.5 hours per charge as per the manufacturer.

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2. Shure SE846

These fit into the premium headphones category, given that it makes no compromises in any aspect. The Shure SE846-CL is designed to be a professional-grade noise-isolating headphone which uses four high-definition drivers for the best sound quality and improved bass. The design allows these headphones to block up to 37 dB of noise/sound no matter the situation.

A micro USB charging accessory accompanies these ear buds as it lacks a dedicated charging cover. The manufacturer also offers a ¼” adapter as well as an airline adapter with this offering. People will also like the fact that the SE846 is bundled with a handy carrying cover.

If you’re looking for ear buds that offer extensive wireless controls while also providing a seamless listening experience, it’s hard to do better than the Shure SE846.

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3. Beats Powerbeats Pro

The Beats Powerbeats Pro shares some of the internal hardware with the AirPods Pro. However, the design here is completely different with ear hooks to ensure the earbuds stay in your ears during movement. These are true wireless earbuds as well since there’s no cable involved. The company also provides a battery charging cover, which can last for up to 24 hours, while the Powerbeats Pro can run for up to 9 hours per charge.

The design also makes it resistant to water and sweat, putting this among the best workout headphones out there. Further, there are individual buttons to change tracks or control volume on both ear buds along with microphones for voice control (Hey Siri).

As for the similarities with the AirPods Pro, the Powerbeats Pro is packing the Apple H1 chip underneath, offering the same set of features as Apple’s flagship earbuds. If you’re in the market for expensive headphones, the Powerbeats Pro has to be in the top 5.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

While top audio manufacturers have a decent presence in the headphones/earbuds segment, brands like Samsung aren’t too far behind. The Galaxy Buds Pro comes with intelligent active noise cancellation which can be enabled with a single tap. Users also have the choice between four ambient noise levels.

As for sound quality, the company mentions that the Galaxy Buds uses an 11-mm woofer and a 6.5-mm tweeter which any audiophile would certainly appreciate. These earbuds are sweat and water-resistant, so you can use this indoors or outdoors without fear of damaging it. Samsung mentions that it can even be submerged up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

The onboard microphones offer excellent voice quality during phone calls, with the onboard touch controls allowing you to pause/play music or answer/reject calls with just a tap. There are a total of three mics onboard these earbuds as per Samsung. The earbuds themselves can last for up to 8 hours per charge, while the battery cover can offer 28 hours of juice without ANC.

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5. Bose QuietComfort

The Bose QuietComfort earbuds are trendy in the marketplace given the perfect combination of necessary features and overall sound quality. As with every Bose product, the Quietcomfort is also known for its ease of use. The company offers 11 levels of noise-canceling with these earbuds, making it the best among contemporary wireless earbuds. There’s even a transparency mode to enable background noise.

Thanks to the lightweight body, the Bose QuietComfort is extremely comfortable to wear for prolonged intervals. Speaking of which, these earbuds can last for up to 6 hours while the battery case can offer an additional 18 hours of battery life. The charging case can be charged using certified Qi fast charging mats and the charging cable.

It’s worth pointing out that the Bose QuietComfort comes with Bluetooth 5.1 built-in, making it compatible with pretty much any device out there. This also allows for better range with your wireless devices than the older Bluetooth 4.x standard. These earbuds are available in colors like Soapstone and Triple Black.

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6. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Sennheiser makes some of the best headphones in the market today, so it’s no surprise that the company’s TWS earbuds makes it to this list. The Momentum True Wireless 2 comes with support for AAC and aptX by default, offering incredible sound performance out of the box. The pair of Sennheiser wireless headphones also come with touch controls on board with the ability to pause/play music or even manage incoming phone calls.

The company has also built-in Transparent Hearing for awareness of your surroundings, coupled with Smart Pause to know what’s happening around you quickly. The noise-canceling technology underneath works as expected, blocking out all external noise and letting you focus on the sound/music. The frequency response offered by these wireless headphones is pretty decent as well.

The battery life is rated to be 7 hours for the ear buds, though the supplied charging case can extend that to up to 28 hours. People will also welcome the support for voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant on the earbuds. The Sennheiser wireless headphones are powered by the company’s 7mm dynamic audio drivers, so there are no compromises in the overall sound profile.

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7. Jabra Elite 85t

The Jabra Elite 85t brings top-of-the-line music quality with great audio drivers accompanied by excellent noise-cancelling tech to block out external noise. This is paired with something known as the HearThrough mode, which allows you to know what’s happening outside. The Elite 85t by Jabra also has the distinction of providing decent frequency response.

These wireless headphones use a 6-microphone array that offers exceptionally clear voice calls regardless of the platform you’re using it on. People are encouraged to download the Jabra Sound+ app that enables MyControls to customize the button control on these wireless headphones. The app will also provide a custom equalizer for extensive control over sound and music.

The battery life of the Elite 85t is rated to be a combined 25 hours with the wireless charger, while it can last for 5.5 hours per charge. The company has also included support for smart voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. These wireless headphones are available in colors like Titanium Black, Copper Black, and Gold Beige.

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8. Sony WF-1000XM5

The WF-1000XM5 features Sony’s renowned Active Noise Cancellation technology. experience the pinnacle of audio excellence with the Sony WF-1000XM5, truly wireless earbuds that redefine the boundaries of sound. These earbuds feature Sony’s leading-edge noise-cancellation technology,

Equipped with high-quality 6mm drivers and support for High-Resolution Audio, these earbuds deliver crisp, detailed sound with rich bass and clear vocals, ensuring a premium listening experience.The earbuds offer up to 8 hours of playback on a single charge, and the included charging case provides additional power for 24 hours of usage. Quick charging is also supported, giving you 60 minutes of playback in just 5 minutes.

With an IPX4 rating, the WF-1000XM5 is resistant to splashes, sweat, and light rain, making it suitable for workouts and outdoor activities.

Sony has designed these earbuds to focus on comfort, offering a secure, ergonomic fit that stays in place even during active movements. To provide a customized and secure fit, the Sony WF-1000XM5 comes with a range of ear tip sizes. With multiple options available, you can find the ideal ear tip size that not only enhances comfort but also improves noise isolation, delivering an immersive audio experience.

The earbuds have touch-sensitive controls, allowing you to navigate your music easily, adjust volume, answer calls, and access voice assistants with simple taps and swipes. Also, compatible with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, enabling hands-free control and information retrieval.

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9. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

Rounding off our wireless headphones list is the Beoplay E8 by Bang and Olufsen, a brand synonymous with high-end music equipment. These ear buds support aptX under the hood, ensuring optimum audio quality every single time. Thanks to four microphones onboard, the Beoplay E8 is also known for its stunning call clarity and performance.

The latest Bluetooth 5. 1 standard is supported here, allowing a wireless range of up to 30 feet. There’s also a nifty charging case provide with the pair of ear buds which the company mentions can offer up to 28 hours of run time, while the headphones can run for up to 7 hours before needing another charge.

These ear buds also come with IP57 waterproofing, making it your ideal companion for workouts and outdoor jogging. People can get the Beoplay E8 wireless headphone in colors like Oxygen Blue and Black.

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