Massive Game Changer For GM & Ford EV Owners: Tesla Opening Up Superchargers to Rivals

In a move that will dramatically expand fast charging options for non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers, Tesla has announced it will open access to thousands of its Supercharger stations for Ford and GM electric vehicle owners starting in February 2024.

ford tesla supercharger

This revelation came during a local city planning meeting in Utah, where a Tesla executive confirmed the timeline. “Our first car companies, Ford and GM, are starting in February 2024. Once they have the charge port and software to interface with our charging stations, they will actually be open to those vehicles,” said Jenny Pretare, Tesla’s design manager of charging infrastructure.

The news is a boon to Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning owners as well as GM’s upcoming electric vehicles, who will soon be able to tap into Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network. With over 40,000 Superchargers worldwide, Tesla operates the largest and most reliable fast charging network available.

This has been a pain point for non-Tesla EV drivers, who’ve had to rely on a patchwork of third-party charging stations that are often unreliable or inconveniently located. The ability to use Tesla Superchargers will remove a major hindrance to long distance electric vehicle travel.

Initially, Ford and GM electric vehicle owners will need an adapter to connect to the Tesla charging port. But by 2025, automakers plan to integrate the Tesla charging port directly into vehicles, streamlining the charging experience.

While Tesla owners have enjoyed exclusive access to Superchargers thus far, opening the network may also benefit Tesla by generating revenue from non-Tesla drivers. As EV adoption grows, more Superchargers will be needed to meet demand. The move also aligns with Tesla’s mission of accelerating sustainable transportation.

Tesla plans to eventually open its Superchargers to other automakers as well, with Ford and GM electric vehicles kicking off the transition. So for prospective EV buyers concerned about charging access for road trips, this collaboration is a very welcome upgrade. The EV future just got a little brighter thanks to Tesla sharing its Supercharger network.

Source: electrek

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