Infinite Painter Apps Get New Brushes, Brush Creator

The Infinite Painter apps, including Infinite Painter, Infinite Painter Free and Infinite Painter Free Note, just received an update today.

Both the free and paid Infinite Painter now allow exporting layers as a multi-page TIFF document, which will enable users to open the TIFF file with editable layers in digital art software like Gimp. There are also several brushes added to the existing options, including Sprayer, Rake, Chalk, Graphic Pen, and Fur. The version 2.0 update also includes a Brush Creator feature to let users make their own brushes for use in the application. Moreover, the Oil Brush was enhanced to  better mimic the results when a real brush is used. Lastly, the update introduces buffering to make pressure smoother.

Meanwhile, the Infinite Painter Free Note, which was specifically designed for the S Pen-enabled Samsung Galaxy Note, provides a new Calligraphy brush to the S-Pen brushes and includes two new finger treatment options, Move Canvas and Disable Finger.

For those who are not familiar with the application, The Infinite Painter series is a digital art tool developed by Sean Brakefield. It allows users to explore their creative side by providing them with a wide range of colors as well as brushes that attempt to imitate conventional painting and sketching tools. Users are also allowed to import images from the Internet, their Camera, or Gallery and enhance or alter it on the Infinite Painter’s touchscreen-optimized fluid interface. The app likewise provides several types of symmetry, including X-Axis, Y-Axis, Arbitrary Angle, Radial, and Kaleidoscopic. There are layer options available like Flip, Duplicate, and Merge, plus one layer made for Galaxy Note users in the Infinite Painter Free Note app, as well.

The main difference between the paid and free versions of the app is that the free version does not allow users to save their work as an image. Rather, they can save it as a project, which leaves the layers of their work intact. The paid version of Infinite Painter is available for $4.99 at Google Play.

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