Huawei’s new operating system is more bad news for the company

Google might’ve pulled Huawei’s Android license, but Huawei had a backup plan — their own operating system that was supposed to launch this year. However, the new operating system isn’t going as well as hoped.

Huawei’s new operating system, supposed to hit by late 2019, was supposed to be a way that Huawei would have its own operating system, while still giving its users access to the millions of apps on the Google Play Store.

While rumors indicating that Huawei’s new operating system would be ready to go by late 2019, that may not have been the case. The Chinese-based company launched it on many of its phones after Google pulled its Android license, and apparently it’s in pretty rough shape.

Richard Yu, Huawei’s Executive Director, briefly mentioned that US sanctions — the primary reason for Google pulling their Android license — means that the Chinese smartphone maker may be “forced” to launch its operating system, Yu said. He added on that they could be in for “really a very tough time.”

One of its major problems is that Google services are completely missing, which would be fine for China, but not Western markets.

source: The Information

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