HTC One FM Radio Not Working

Recently, we received this message in Mailbag which is about a problem in the HTC One FM Radio. The message reads, “ My HTC One FM Radio is not working properly. I have perfectly used it before weeks after I bought my phone. But suddenly, it doesn’t detect anymore stations. Could you help me find solutions to fix this?”

Possible Causes of Malfunctioning HTC One FM Radio

The factors that are likely to trigger the HTC FM Radio problem are weak radio signal in the area and interference from other electrical appliances. If not, then it might be a software or hardware-related problem already.

Possible Solutions to the Malfunctioning HTC One FM Radio

If a simple restart or Soft Reset (holding the Power button to reboot the phone) won’t fix the problem, try out the solutions below:

1. Get a Good Signal

First, make sure that your location has no problem getting a signal from the FM stations in your area. Then, instead of using the auto-tuning function, search for stations manually. The auto-tuning feature sometimes does not work well if the signal of the stations in your area is weak. Keep away also from electrical devices that have the tendency to interfere with your phone radio.

2. Update or Reinstall App

Second, try reinstalling or updating your FM Radio app, or update your operating system. One of the reasons of software malfunction is due to a corrupted or outdated software.

3. Remove Incompatible or Rogue Apps

Third, see if there are other apps that are acting weird which are interfering with the normal function of your phone. Try to disable or uninstall the apps that you most recently installed before the problem occured, and then observe. Another way to find out if there are third-party apps incompatible with the HTC One FM Radio app is by testing it while under Safe Mode.

4. Check the Headset

Next, check if the headset you are using has no defects. Test it on other devices. The headset is a vital part of this particular feature of the HTC One because it also serves as the radio antenna of the device, so it should be in good working condition at all times.

5. Perform a Factory Reset

If all else fails, perform a Factory Reset. This will return the system of your device to its original settings and it will completely wipe out the glitches caused by rogue or incompatible apps. But if this still fails to solve the issue, bring your device already to a certified HTC One technician and have its hardware checked.

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