How To Soft Reset Poco M3 Pro

A soft reset is the most commonly used tweak in troubleshooting a gadget such as smartphones and tablets. This process is also known as restart. It clears the phone’s system by dumping stored cache data stored in the phone’s random access memory. Additionally, it automatically closes running background apps, but does not affect stored files and applications. Thus, the easiest way to fix a phone issue.

Performing a soft reset in an android device may vary. If you recently owned a Poco M3 Pro phone and need help in restarting the phone, this post will be of help. Read on.

How To Soft Reset Poco M3 Pro

  1. While the phone is on, press and hold the Power button. This button is located on the right side of the phone, below the Volume keys.
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  1. Release the key when the menu appears, and then tap the Power off option.
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  1. Then press and hold the Power button again and release when the screen turns back on.
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This process is often used when dealing with minor phone issues like app not working, can’t connect to the internet, no available network, or even screen issues.

The soft reset does not affect your important files nor delete installed third-party apps. Therefore, creating a phone backup is not necessary when you restart your Poco M3 Pro device.

And that’s how easy you can turn your phone off and on again. I hope that we are able to help you one way or another. If you want to know how to reset network settings Poco M3 Pro device, just click the link. Please spread the news by sharing this post.

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