How To Reset Network Settings Poco M3 Pro

When you reset network settings Poco M3 Pro, all the saved networks will be deleted but won’t affect important files saved in your phone’s memory. This kind of reset is being utilized when phone owners experience connectivity issues like unable to connect to Bluetooth, can’t connect to Wi-Fi, intermittent cellular network connection, and more. Reset network settings procedure varies depending on the type of phone. And it is very crucial to know how it is done on your device as again, this will help you fix connectivity issues without getting in touch with your network service provider or bringing the device to a repair shop.

To learn how to reset network settings your Poco M3 Pro, read and follow the illustration below.

How To Reset Network Settings Poco M3 Pro

  1. Go to Settings.
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  1. Select Connection & sharing.
  1. Scroll to and select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks & Bluetooth.
  1. Tap Reset settings option.

Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the reset settings process.

All saved network settings such as Wi-Fi, Mobile data, Bluetooth should be deleted once the process is done. This means that if you want to connect to your wireless network, you need to set up your WiFi again and re-enter the password. Same goes with the previously paired Bluetooth devices and the VPN settings you customized.

If you are doing this process to correct certain connectivity problem on your device, it is also recommended to restart your phone once the reset network settings procedure is done. This is to ensure completely refresh the phone’s system and give it a brand new start.

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