How to recover Galaxy S9 data when phone won’t turn on, or if screen stays black

We’re pretty sure a lot of people experience losing the screen on their Android everyday and the foremost question on their mind is how to get their data. Today’s troubleshooting article should help our Android community get the answer. We also cover other issues about the #GalaxyS9 below so be sure to read all of them.

Problem #1: Galaxy S9 Plus keeps restarting when using wifi or mobile data after an update

Hi. I’ve recently bought a s9+ and i started using the phone after just one hour of using and update notification appeared on my screen to update the firmware. I gave it ago and after the update installation finished and after some hours of working with it i noticed that my phone’s wifi is turna off and on for itself, when i stand by the phone it just disconnect from the nerwork and coonect to mobile data, it starts connecting to wifi network when i press the power key agian. And something else that i installed zapya app to transfer some data and when i connect to other phones in zapaya my phone restarts. Its ok when im the host of the zapya, like i creat a group and others join, but when others create a group and i join them it restarts. After using it for some days i noticed that this kind of restarts isnt only when im using zapya and even after removing zapya they happend, but they happend when connecting to wifi or mobile data networks, like when i after stand by(when i start using my phone after a stand by cause i said that it disconnects after stand by). I have gone through all your instructions, and others, i covered all the little tiny settings and nothings worked. Safe mode for third parties, wifi settings, reseting network setting, wipe cache, factory reset and … I contacted the support and they said that your firmware got an some kinda issue while updating and i should send the phone back to them so they can reflash the firmware for me. Im kind of pro in using android and flashing firmware and stuff like that. Im just not in the position to return my phone to them and wait for days/weeks to get it back, soooo I wanted to know is it safe to flash the stock official rom on my phone using odin? Does it void the warranty? I download the official firmware from sammobile.com btw. I really could use some pro hepl on this issue. I couldnt make it more briefly, sorry for that. And thanks for your time.

Solution: As long as you use the stock firmware for your particular phone model, the warranty should not be voided. We suggest that you use the original firmware version that came with the device when you first unboxed it. If you don’t know what that is, try to do some Google search using the particular phone model of your device. For example, if you have a carrier-branded device like a Verizon Galaxy S9 Plus with model number SM-G960UZBAVZW, you should use the specific firmware for this model only. Using an incorrect firmware version can result to more problems and even brick the device for good.

Once you’ve identified the correct firmware version, download it, then do the rest of the flashing process.

We don’t know if flashing an older firmware on your phone would fix the problem but if doesn’t, contact Samsung so they can fix the issue for you.

Problem #2: How to turn off wifi permanently on your Galaxy S9

I don’t know that I have a problem as much as just a question. I am interested in not using WiFi at ALL and relying only on my cellular data (unlimited plan). Long story but primarily for security reasons. While I have WiFi toggled to “off” and have gone through most app settings to ensure they do not automatically connect me, I noticed last night that my phone connected to WiFi somehow and apps were being used. I am a new Galaxy S9 user from an iPhone for years. Can you assist?

Solution: Samsung anticipates users would want to use wifi so there’s no setting to permanently disable wifi on your S9. If you don’t want to use it, simply leave it toggled OFF.

Like Samsung, some app developers anticipate that users may prefer wifi over mobile data when using their app so they may design their app to work better with wifi, or even enable wifi automatically. It’s for you to configure individual apps on what type of connection to use. You can go to each app’s settings menu and check if there’s a way for you to set it to use mobile data by default. As far as Android setting is concerned, there’s no option to turn off wifi for good.

Problem #3: Galaxy S9 Facebook app keeps crashing

The Facebook app crashes as soon as it is launched. I’ve been through your troubleshooting page. I’ve rebooted the phone, disabled/enabled the app, installed updates, installed updates, launched safe mode, wiped my cache, and the app is still crashing. I’m not seeing an error code. All I get is “Facebook has stopped.” Your troubleshooting list seemed fairly exhaustive, but if you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears!

Solution: If you followed all the troubleshooting steps and solutions already, then that means that problem is most probably not within your ability to fix. It can be a coding issue that only Facebook can fix at this time. Just make sure that the app runs the latest update. If it’s already updated at this time, then all you have to do is to either wait until the issue is fixed in the next update, or contact Facebook directly for answers.

Problem #4: How to recover Galaxy S9 data when phone won’t turn on, or if screen stays black

My Samsung Galaxy S9 was working. Then part of the screen pixalated (?), up from the lower corner, not the whole screen. I tried to restart but screen stays black, one time I heard the startup tones. Now it will not show that it is charging and it will not start. I have tried as many of the “key combinations” to start it that I can find. I was a computer tech before I retired/disabled and have repaired many phones so if I can pull it apart to reset or whatever I will. I am trying to recovery data from the phone.

Solution: Make sure that you try another known working charging accessories. Sometimes, we may be too focused on the phone when the real issue lies on the charging cable or adapter. Once you get hold of a new charging cable and adapter, be sure to charge the phone for at least 1 hour before attempting to power it back on.

If you get a response like an LED light, vibration, or sound after charging the phone and restarting it, that means that the problem must lie on the screen assembly. To fix the screen problem, bring the phone to Samsung Service Center for repair or replacement. If you intend on repairing the phone yourself, there’s a lot of YouTube videos that will show you how to replace a Galaxy S9 screen. Follow them carefully and you should be good.

If your S9 remains unresponsive, won’t turn on at all, or won’t allow you to boot to alternate boot modes (Recovery Mode or Odin Mode), that means you have a totally dead device. You won’t be able to recover any data when your device is in this condition so you’re out of luck.

NOTE: If you decide to let Samsung repair your S9 for you, they’ll most likely wipe it after the repair so you’ll still lose your data.


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