How To Fix “Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped” Error on Poco M3 Pro

Getting “Unfortunately, camera has stopped” error on Poco M3 Pro while taking photos or recording a video? This error message is indeed irritating, but can be easily fixed by simply exiting the camera app. Should the problem persist, check out the potential solutions we have listed below and see if one of these will correct the camera issue on your device. Read further.

Smartphones nowadays are not only used as means of communications but also in photography. Because of the advanced technologies, phone cameras have excellent specs that produce outputs which are not far from digi-cams photographs. However, phone camera app is also vulnerable to glitches and when inflicted, it starts to act up and become unoperational. 

“Unfortunately, camera has stopped” error may occur when the phone storage is low, the phone’s OS is outdated, software bugs or malwares, and a third-party app conflicting with the camera app. Luckily, software-related errors affecting your phone camera app can be corrected in no time. After checking your phone storage to ensure it still has sufficient memory space, start troubleshooting your device using the tweaks below.

How To Fix “Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped” Error on Poco M3 Pro

  1. Restart your Poco M3 Pro. The problem could just be a minor one and a simple phone restart should be able to fix the problem. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power button and release when the menu options appear. Then tap Reboot. Once the phone is already back on, open the camera app and check if the “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” error no longer pops out. If it does, move on to the next solution.
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  1. Clear the Camera App’s Cache and Data. This is to dump cached data that has triggered the app to act up. Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps. Then search for the Camera app and tap Clear Data. Might as well Force Stop the app to refresh its system.
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  1. Check for and install software update. Camera app can also be affected by a random software glitch. If it’s been a while since you updated your phone’s software, check for and install the latest software version available for your device. Such update provides fix patches which can eliminate bugs affecting your phone’s entire system. Camera app issue should be corrected too. Head to Settings > About phone > MIUI version. If you are not prompted with an update, tap Check for updates.
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  1. Clear Gallery apps’ Cache. Photos and videos taken will automatically go to your Gallery app. If this app has been glitched, it can also affect your camera app. To rule this out, dump cached data from the Gallery app. From Settings, head to Apps > Manage Apps. Search for the Gallery app and tap Clear Cache. Again, you can also Force stop the app to refresh its system.
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  1. Restore your phone to factory default settings. If the problem is still not fixed up to this point, restore the phone to its original settings. This will delete all misconfigured settings that might have affected the phone’s camera app. Thus, making it unoperational. If you have recently customized your phone settings but no longer know which value and options were changed, reverting its settings to the original ones via factory reset is the most ideal thing to do. Don’t forget to backup important files prior to doing this tweak. From Settings, tap About phone > Factory reset. Then tap Erase all data.
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After the factory reset, check if the Camera app is already back to its working state. In the event that you still receive the same error message, this leaves you no choice but to opt in using a third-party camera app on your device. You can check the Play Store and select a Camera app that offers the same features or even more than the built-in one.

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I hope we are able to help you fix your Poco M3 Pro phone. Share this post to someone you know who is getting the same error message on the device while trying to use the built-in camera app. Please check out our YouTube channel for more video tutorials and troubleshooting tips for smartphones. Don’t forget to hit the Like and Subscribe buttons. Thank you for reading!

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